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One of my favorite things to do is make cards for family and friends. It gives me great pleasure to slip the finished card into a mailing envelope, secure it with a piece of pretty washi tape, and send it on its way. And now i’ve found a way to add one more unique touch – custom washi tape, printed with we r memory keepers printmaker!

What is we r memory keepers printmaker?

The we r memory keepers printmaker inkjet printer is made with hp technology. Instead of loading paper into the printer, you slide the printer over anything you want to print on – paper, wood, fabric, fun foam, cork, ribbon, and more! We at r memory keepers make several printable products to be compatible with printmakers including labels, ribbons, tags, and washi tape that I’m going to show you how to use today.

The free printmaker app comes in two versions – one for mobile devices and a simple desktop version. Designs can be created in any mobile or web-based app, but since printmaker only connects via bluetooth, print jobs must be sent from the mobile device. (i prefer to create in a web-based app or on my ipad so that i have more screen space to work with, then switch to my iphone for printing.)

What you will need

  •         Printmaker app (installed on your mobile device)
  •         Digital scrapbook paper, patterns, or pictures
  •         Printed washi tape (i used 15mm)
  •         Printmaker ribbon and wash guide or 6-inch alignment guide and magnetic mat

Step 1: download an image or pattern

Most of the digital papers i use in my cards print patterns from the silhouette design store, so that’s what i used to make the washi tape as well.

Using design shop to print a pattern with printmaker, it first needs to be captured in a file format that printmaker can recognize, usually jpeg or png. You can do this during purchase using the direct download button:

Silhouette design store direct download

If you would like to download a jpeg/png version of a pattern you have previously purchased, find the pattern in your order history or search using the design name/number and click on download.

Step 2: create a custom washi tape design

(i created my washi tape using the desktop printmaker app, but you can use a mobile app if you prefer.)

  •         Log in to the printmaker desktop application.
  •         From the home menu, click create.
  •         (optional) click on canvas. Drag the adjustment handle on the right side of the design box to increase the length to 16 inches. (i kept mine at the default 2 inches.)
  •         Click on images.
  •         Click on the thumbnail to display the package box.
  •         If you want to adjust the position of the pattern, click inside the design frame, hold your mouse, and move the pattern as you like. Be sure to fill in the entire design box to avoid any unwanted white space in your finished project, especially if you are printing a repeat pattern.
  •         If you want to increase the size of the image significantly, change the zoom level of the workspace to see the size of the binding box as possible.
  •         When you’re done, click save and enter a name for the creation.
  •         Click on done and select the collection where you want to save the file.

Once you’ve created your designs, you’re ready to switch to mobile and print your custom washi tape!

Step 3: print custom washi tape

Printing with washi tape is easy with the help of the guide. I printed two different methods – using ribbon and a wash guide and using a 6-inch alignment guide and a magnetic mat. (the magnetic markers i have are made by we r memory keepers, but that’s not what printmaker is made for.)

There are advantages and disadvantages to each printing method. I had a little better alignment with the ribbon and washi guide but i have a lot of ink splotches and other damage. By using a magnetic alignment guide, i had no ink splotches but it was a little tricky to get the perfect alignment.

Ribbon and wash tape

The ribbon and washi guide comes in a set that includes three adjustable sizes to match the size of the printed washi tapes. Choose the right size guides and cover them on both sides of the main part, then weave the washi tape along the guides from right to left. I also like to put tissue paper under the guide to protect the area i’m working on from ink marks.

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