RBF and Big Project CBD Hemp to the big target to compete in the global market

It became the Talk Of The Town trend of the new industry in Thailand after R&B Food Supply Public Company Limited (RBF) received a license to extract CBD-THC hemp plant as the first in Thailand from the Office of the Board of Directors. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced that it received additional cultivation licenses and hemp oil extraction licenses shortly after. Helping to strengthen the position of being a key operator in the integrated hemp business from upstream to downstream.

Getting a license to extract CBD kaufen hemp is “not easy.”

Mr. Suranat Kittiratanadej, RBF Chief Financial Officer, revealed to “InfoQuest” that obtaining a license to produce (plant) hemp plants and a license to extract oil from hemp seeds from FDA has to go through a rigorous government inspection process. There are many government agencies involved. From the internal inspection of the factory to the provincial level, both the FDA and the Narcotics Control Division, including the local government To ensure drug control, both CBD kaufen and THC cannot be released outside the manufacturing process. There is a thorough inspection of every process, plant, machinery, raw material control, and management to produce products to the market.

From the preparation for more than two years, the company has continually improved and monitored the systems related to cannabis extraction. It continues to be a leader in the Food Ingredient industry, making it relatively easy to expand the production line and have an effective safety support system. All variables prepared by the company are, therefore, by the requirements of the law.

Focus on managing upstream raw materials sufficient to meet the market demand.

Mr. Suranat further said that upstream raw material management guidelines. The company agreed to purchase raw materials from farmers from community enterprise groups who grew hemp plants for universities, which is a group that has the expertise and has already planted areas. There are farmers in many regions, such as the North, the West, the East, the Central, the Northeast, and the Southern part, studying and evaluating the area. It is expected that hemp will come in as another good source of income for farmers.

The company’s critical role is to evaluate orders from customers each month along with procuring raw materials from each group of farmers accordingly. At the same time, the company has applied for a license to plant by itself with ten rai for use as an experimental plot to serve as a model for farmers.

For the cultivation of hemp plants, it has to start with selecting suitable seeds for planting. For example, in the case of hemp planting for CBD kaufen, it is necessary to select seeds with high CBD inflorescences, which the company purchased the seeds. From companies imported from abroad Although the first phase of hemp cultivation is an experimental efficacy of each strain, the company is trying to assess the risk that farmers will not suffer a loss.

Capital base ready to support big hemp projects in the future

Mr. Suranat said about the investment budget this time. The company has sufficient cash flow to expand the production of hemp products because the hotel business was previously sold out. In addition to helping to increase the cash flow, It also reduces the impact on the financial statements that need to record unnecessary expenses.

Initially, the company has already invested in expanding the first phase of production. The next phase in the future depends on the market demand whether to expand additional machines or not. And in the case that the market needs rapid growth, additional production capacity expansion may require a small investment budget or only eight digits, depending on the size and production capacity of the machine.

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