Reasons Why Your Air Conditioning System Produces Water

It is not uncommon for air conditioning systems to produce water. Water production could be a result of different problems. An air conditioning service in Tulsa, OK must be done immediately to prevent the problem from causing major trouble. 

A poorly maintained air conditioner can produce water. This should be a concern for many A/C owners because they assume the leak is coming from their system when it may not be! 

Let’s take a look at these common reasons why your AC might start leaking water.

High Humidity in the Air

It is normal for an air conditioner to produce water droplets when air with high humidity passed through evaporator coils. This air conditioning process is called dehumidifying and separating air, which means that air is taken from the environment and then separated by its temperature.

If air with high humidity passes through the system, it will rapidly cool down this air so that water will condense on the surface of the evaporator coil. In the end, you will get separated air without water vapor inside your home or office.

Collected Ice 

Air conditioning systems always produce some amount of water in the form of humidity because air conditioners are designed to remove humidity from the air. This is a common phenomenon. But sometimes, the air conditioner can produce more than usual amounts of water, causing the internal fans to blow the fluid into cold coils. This causes the coils to free and even affects the system’s performance. 

Schedule an air conditioning service in Tulsa, OK to address the problem. 

Plugged Drain Line

Your equipment produces water when the drain line is plug up in the air conditioner. This air conditioner is able to collect condensation and evaporate it into the air through its air vents. Eventually, this air has to go somewhere. If you have a plugged-up air conditioner trap, there will be nowhere for this water to go. It will then begin to fill up your air conditioner with warm air and condensation.

After some time, the temperature within your structure may rise significantly, causing damage from mildew growth and even safety hazards for curious children and pets that might stumble across it. Call for an air conditioning service in Tulsa, OK if you notice a pool of water around your A/C. 

Warm Air Infiltration

Hot air can easily get into the air conditioning system. If it does, water will be produced as a part of the air conditioning system’s cooling process. The air conditioner condenser coil is where the air handler and blower motor are located.

As warm air flows through the air conditioner, some of it can seep through the seams along the edges where the metal panels meet each other or at any poor fitting joints. This means that air from outside may enter into your air conditioning system as well – causing it to drain water inside your home. 

Getting a professional air conditioning service in Tulsa, OK can help solve this issue. 

Understand How Your A/C Works! Call the Experts Today!

You might have learned how your home comfort equipment operates and how its malfunctioning parts can cause problems when left unfixed. One of which you should understand is the reason why your A/C produces water. 

When you notice a pool of water around your system, then it’s best to investigate it and call the experts for an immediate fix.

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