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It is not a secret that construction work involves a lot of hazards. Every year hundreds of thousands of injuries happen on the constructions, unfortunately the number continues to grow.

In order to reduce this number and provide better protection and safety to the builders in New York the Department of Buildings passed a law which emphasizes the importance of undergoing Site Safety Training (SST). This custom-made course that all builders, CS and SSM need to complete, aims to provide the knowledge about the risks on the worksites as well as to teach how to minimize them. 

It is a 40-hour-course for construction workers and a 62-hour-course for supervisors. Once the managers finish the training, a NYC SST card that allows them to work on any building site with a Site Safety Plan in NYC is given.

Before the NYC SST card can be received it is necessary to complete  62 hours of training. To make it more convenient, the SST online courses have been designed. They can be completed anywhere and anytime.

This course combines several different classes that constitute 62 hours altogether:

    • OSHA Training (30 hours): a clear overview of OSHA standards.
  • Chapter 33 (Site Safety Manager (8 hours)): overview of the rules of a SSP.
    • Fall Prevention (8 hours):  how to identify and minimize the fall risks on the worksite.
  • Supported Scaffold User (4 hours): how to avoid scaffold accidents.
    • Drug and Alcohol Awareness (2 hours): how to educate the employees on the risks of the usage of dangerous substances 
  • SSP (2 hours): attain the basics of Site Safety Plans.
    • Pre-task Meeting (2 hours): how to prepare a meeting plan that underlines the potential safety hazards and teaches how to prevent them.
    • Tool Box Talks (2 hours):  how the regular safety meetings should be prepared and run.
  • 2 hours of Specialized Electives:  complete 2 out of 4 Specialized Elective courses.
  • 2 hours of General Electives: complete 2 out of 4 General Elective courses.

How to receive a NYC SST Card?

The card will be obtained online only once all of the above trainings are successfully passed. OSHA Education Center grants the card and gives the trainee a possibility to order it on the website without leaving the house.

Beware of few more things to receive the NYC SST card:

  • Attend 100% of the SST card online classes 
  • Be compliant with the PDH STAR facial biometric requirement for attendance tracking 
  • Pass the final written assessment with at least 70% success rate
  • Fill in the Evaluation Form at the end of the course

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