The Basics of Basketball You Should Know

Basketball is one of the most fan-favorite sports in the world. Basketball is a game played between two teams with five members each. Each team on the rectangular court tries to score by throwing a ball through the opposition’s goal called a basket.

Origin of Basketball

This sport was originated in the US by James Naismith in the 19th century. Naismith used two half-bushel peach round baskets as goals, and it was the reason for this sport’s name. Naismith was a teacher in physical education at a school and he invented this game for his students. The students were very enthusiastic about the sport. Canada was the first state outside the US that started to play the game. Then gradually spread in other countries. 

Growth of Basketball

Slow but steadily, basketball was gaining popularity and importance both in the US and internationally. Internationally the sport was achieving success after the inclusion of basketball for men in the Olympic games in 1936. But during the 1980s when cable television was advented, the popularity of this game exploded. Basketball quickly came in front of the eyes of the Americans alongside football and baseball.

How does it benefit your body?

As a dynamic sport, Basketball builds stamina in the body. Basketball playing requires a lot of running up and down the court. It also requires jumping to shot or grab the ball, which causes frequent contractions of the muscle. It can build muscle endurance and improve flexibility. On the other hand, weight training can enhance your performance on the basketball court and other physical works. Regular physical activity makes your heart healthy and can improve your fitness level. Rather than physical benefits, playing basketball can help you emotionally too. It allows you to develop your self-confidence, communication skills and encourage team spirit. 

Though Basketball was created as a simple game, now it has involved a lot of athletic shows. Many rules have also been changed till now. But Basketball has become more and more exciting day by day.

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