The best alternative to Loom – iTop Screen Recorder

Loom recorder is a screen recording and video messaging tool which gives the users the freedom to easily capture, edit, and share videos of their computer screens any time. Webcams and microphones are also included in this system. Loom Recorder is available on both desktop and mobile devices. And it provides a range of features including the ability to trim and edit recordings, adding captions and sharing videos with a unique link or directly to social media platforms or messaging apps. Loom recorder is often used for creating educational contents such as remote team collaboration and customer support. Loom offers a free version with some basic features and also paid plans with additional features and more storage space.

There is no straightforward answer to which screen recording tool is the “best” alternative to Loom recorder as different users may have different preferences and requirements. But as a professional screen recorder, iTop Screen Recorder can be said to be a good alternativa a Loom.

iTop Screen Recorder is a grabador de pantalla for Windows that allows users to record their computer screens, audio, and webcam activity. It can be used to create tutorials, demonstrations, and presentations as well as to capture online streaming videos and games. iTop Screen Recorder offers a range of features including customizable recording settings, editing tools and the ability to save recordings in various file formats. It is available for Windows operating systems and can be downloaded from the iTop website. Here are some reasons why iTop Screen Recorder could be a good alternative to Loom recorder:

Highly customizable recording settings options:

iTop Screen Recorder allows users to customize various settings such as the recording area. The audio source is also easily customizable on this tool. You can modify your frame rate whenever you are recording on your electronic devices screen. And output format also easy to customize. So it’s very compact to fit your specific needs. This can be particularly useful for recording high quality videos or capturing specific parts of the screen.

Advanced editing tools choosing options:

iTop Screen Recorder comes with a built in video editor. That enables users to trim, merge, add annotations in their videos. They can apply various effects to their recordings. This can save users lots of time and effort in post-production. The tools help them create more polished and professional looking videos in their creation.

No recording time limitations at all:

Unlike Loom recorder’s free version there are no time limits in recording time with iTop Screen Recorder. This can be highly beneficial for users who need to record longer videos or sessions without interruption. So you can enjoy your unlimited video making without any inturraption.

Budget friendly and Affordable pricing:

iTop Screen Recorder offers competitive pricing for its paid plans. With a range of features and storage options to choose from you can use it with ultimate relaxation. This can be a good option for users who want a more cost-effective alternative to Loom recorder’s paid plans. So iTop Screen Recorder have got your back in this case.


If you are looking for a la mejor alternativa a Loom, then you can choose iTop Screen Recorder, compared to the expensive price of Loom, iTop Screen Recorder has a better price. What’s more, iTop Screen Recorder is a full-featured professional screen recorder that records HD quality video without watermark.

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