The Bone Drive System audio processor SAMBA 2 is released by MED-EL USA.

BCI 602 for conduction of the skin is an active transcutaneous implant. BonEBRIDGE System is recommended for individuals 12 years of age or older with a hearing disability, mixed hearing loss, or unilateral deafness. With the next generation SAMBA 2 Audio Processor, MED-EL USA launches the BONE BRIDGE Bone Conduction System. Wire Business system is a significant part of it.

The insight into the launching 

SAMBA 2 Audio Processor has been approved to enhance listening and management by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The intelligent 2.0 sound amp automatically changes the settings into various conditions, which are especially difficult for people with hearing loss. This means that cars that use speech monitoring can listen adaptively to determine if the dialog should be perceived from the end of the end. SAMBA 2 is also designed to listen easily to the effects of noise, such as interference from background conversations and clamping of silverware and plates, in complicated environments such as restaurants. In comparison, adaptive microphones with guidance and enhanced speech allow users to focus on the conversation.

SAMBA 2 provides the most extended battery life of any active transcutaneous audio processor, with roughly 8 to 10 days from a standard 675 hearing aid battery. When the time comes, battery changes are rapid and straightforward because of the intuitive nature of SAMBA 2.

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With the SAMBA 2 GO, Bluetooth devices and non-Bluetooth devices are linked wirelessly via cables to smartphones, TVs, and electronic devices. It is also ideal for better listening with FM and remote microphones in noisy environments. And while Intelligent Sound Adapter 2.0 adjusts the adjustments automatically, the SAMBA 2 Remote App enables users to switch between settings remotely while the Intelligent Sound Adapter 2.0 adjusts the environment automatically.

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