The Top Three Real Benefits of Using Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

The area where your business or industrial property is located may be prone to a lot of rain, or you may even be located in a place where there is a risk of flash flooding. If this is the case, it may be essential to create a retaining wall so your property and assets are protected. Protecting your property is vital, and you wouldn’t want to be faced with a complete disaster if storms or heavy rain occur. If you want to add aesthetic value, serve practical purposes, and improve your landscape you should hire retaining wall contractors. Retaining walls have already proven to have merits for property protection – and a retaining wall made from precast concrete is an even better choice.

But what makes precast concrete superior to other retaining wall materials?  Following are the top three benefits of using precast concrete retaining walls for your property.

1. It comes with quick and straightforward construction and installation

Perhaps one of the best reasons why precast concrete retaining walls are a feasible choice is that it comes with quick and straightforward construction and installation. Precast concrete walls are not poured at the site, and this will already make for a faster time of installation (aside from being safer, too). And since manufacturers produce precast concrete in a facility with controlled temperatures, it comes with higher standards that do not sacrifice its integrity and strength.

Once the manufacturer produces all the necessary components, they will ship or deliver the panels you require straight to your site, ready for assembly. The assembly process doesn’t require much skilled labour, although it may require a forklift or crane. All your workers have to do is prepare and level the area, install the support posts into the soil or ground, and lift the panels over the posts so they can slide completely into their place. They can then place concrete caps on top of the posts to duly cover the openings, and you will have a finished wall in no time.

2. It is durable and long-lasting

Another big draw of a precast concrete retaining wall system is that it is durable and long-lasting. You can rest assured that your wall will last for decades, as the process of making it is highly controlled. Weather and temperature can affect concrete’s strength during curing, and if it is cured on-site, it can very well lose integrity.

Precast concrete, meanwhile, is cast using reinforcements of steel and mesh, and whilst steel and mesh are also included with the concrete cast on-site, there is a risk of mistakes being made during the casting process that can result in gaps or voids that can damage the reinforcement’s effectiveness. Every portion and part of the precast concrete panels are thoroughly inspected prior to delivery.  If the cast of a panel isn’t up to standards, they will replace it even before it leaves the manufacturing facility.

3. It is affordable

Any project will have a set budget, and if you want to be sure that you can stick to your budget whilst maximising your choice of materials, a precast concrete wall is ideal. If you opt for concrete to be cast on-site, you would have to pay for constructing the concrete moulds or forms – and removing them as well. But precast concrete walls are made in a facility, which means the manufacturer can reuse the moulds multiple times – and since this reduces the cost of production, they can pass on their savings to you, too.

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