These 3 trends will shape future of e-commerce

1.Video content

It’s not surprising that the business industry is transitioning to online. Nowadays people can find products on websites without going out. Since video content, especially short-form videos went viral recently, TikTok has become the best place for advertising products. It helps you to find millions of potential customers around the world. So don’t forget to get tik tok followers for a cheap as you are starting a business.

2. UGC (User generated content)

Don’t we say that customers are the best placed to talk about a product or service? Reviews of a company, testimonials , comments are increasingly used as a marketing strategy. This is called User Generated Content (UGC).

By sharing their feedback on a brand , Internet users contribute to the good (or bad) image of the company. This free advertising will have a considerable impact on online purchases, since 90% of Internet users say they were influenced in their decision after reading reviews of products or services.

Thus, more and more companies ask their satisfied customers to stage their products in photos or short videos. Major brands have adopted this strategy, sometimes pushing it to the extreme for targeted and attractive personalization .

3. Cryptocurrency or NFT: future of digital marketing?

Blockchains or cryptocurrencies are also becoming more popular and could be part of companies’ digital strategy by 2023 . NFT (or cryptographic token stored on a blockchain) is a virtual currency based on speculation.

Twitter, bought by billionaire Elon Musk, could launch into cryptocurrencies. Online advertisements, products or services paid for in virtual currency? Social media speculation? Everything is possible, especially since Facebook also seems to be interested in it.

What should be remembered is that:

  • Online marketing is part of the era of a digital revolution defending common values ​​and making it possible to respond in a targeted manner to customer expectations.
  • By combining artificial intelligence with virtual currency, digital marketing increases its chances of success while constantly adapting to technological developments , as well as to the behaviors and needs of the Internet user.
  • The content strategy , whether it involves a living blog, short videos, a Chatbot, or targeted online communication, needs to be refined to reach its prospects.

The digital age has not finished seducing companies that are interested in their customers in a personalized way and by constantly developing new strategies !

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