Things To Know Before Moving to Orlando, Florida

No matter where you live in the world, you will know about Orlando, FL. This location is world renowned for a cast of characters from our favorite Disney movies and theme parks as far as the eye can see, but that is not all you need to know about Orlando, FL. Here are some of the other things to keep in mind if you intend on moving to this exiting place.

Busy Times of the Year

While living in Orlando, FL, you will ultimately find yourself at a theme park or two throughout the year. However, those who live in the city full time will boast about how they know when to visit these parks. The beauty of Orlando, FL is the constantly warm temperatures throughout the year, so you can find a theme park to enjoy at any point of the year and yes, most are open 365 days a year. During peak season, try to plan your theme park and waterpark visits during the early part of the week. During the fall, winter, and spring, you can visit the parks practically any day of the week unless it is a holiday weekend without long lines at rides.

You Can Live Without a Car

As a city of almost 250,000 residents, public transportation is essential. Investments in public transit throughout Orlando, FL has been increased in recent years due to an overall desire to reduce carbon emissions. Thus far, Orlando, FL has adapted to the need for public transit with the LYNX system, Sun Rail, LYMMO, and the HOPP Bike Share program. Not to mention, there are a number of available taxi services throughout the city, so no matter where you need to go in Orlando, FL, you can find a way to get there. Uber and Lyft are also available, so a personal vehicle is not exactly essential here.

Discover the Outlet Mall

Upon entering Orlando, FL, you will be immediately drawn to licensed merchandise in every store front window. Although it is tempting to buy everything you see, you may want to hold back just a bit from making those expensive purchases. There is a better way and locals know where to shop for themed merch for all their out-of-town guests without breaking the bank. Outlet malls are a wonderful attribute that Orlando has gotten exactly right. When merchandise does not sell within a season, theme parks and licensed stores sell their wares to outlet malls in Orlando. Therefore, if you know where to shop, you can get an out of season doll, toy, shirt, or any other type of merch without spending a fortune.

You Will Want a Storage Unit

One of the drawbacks to moving to such a popular place in Florida is space can come at a premium. Although housing in Orlando, FL remains affordable compared to other tourist areas, apartments, rental homes, and even some of the higher end purchased homes can lack available storage space. Few homes have attics and virtually zero homes have basements due to the proximity to the ocean, but you still need to store items. Storage units in Orlando, FL have become an essential part of homes in the city. Storage of boats, cars, antiques, and more is necessary for the homeowner and storage units provide a great place to store anything without taking up valuable space in your home.

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Animals Everywhere

When in Orlando, FL you can see some pretty amazing animals. Alligator farms and wild alligators are everywhere and it is not unheard of to drive and see one crossing the street or popping its head up from a roadside swampy area. Remember, you are in their natural habitat, so be respectful and keep your distance. Another animal you will come to know about is the manatee. Many inlets are actually manatee protection areas. In these locations, fishing and swimming are both prohibited, so heed any signs regarding manatees and their presence. In addition to these amazing animals, you will also come to know the giant mosquitos. These pests are most prevalent during the summer months, so make sure you keep a supply of mosquito spray.

Never Short on Nightlife

Living in Orlando will offer an array of attractions during the day that are unique to the city, but once the sun goes down, don’t think the fun will stop. Orlando, FL nightlife is like nothing else. Some cities have a few night spots to explore, but Orlando, FL has an endless variety of clubs, bars, and nightlife venues to enjoy on every night of the week. Some of the most notable areas are ICEBAR Orlando in which is the world’s biggest ice bar in existence. Ice is everywhere in this unique bar and the fact that it is in sunny Florida is a feat in itself. Every venue features local and nationally ranked bands and DJs, so there is never a shortage of available entertainment here.

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Go Back to School

Theme parks and family fun might draw you to Orlando, FL, but the essence of this city is found in its Universities and higher education opportunities. Rollins College is one of the smaller universities offering degrees in communications, administration, and other liberal arts opportunities, but the crown jewel of the education scene in Orlando, FL is the University of Central Florida, the second largest full university in the United States. When you feel the draw to expand your mind with higher education, you are just steps away from advancing your career or even starting one for the first time in one of these amazing colleges.

The choice to move is a big decision, but when moving to such an enjoyable place like Orlando, FL, the choice is easy. You will always have plenty to do and see here. From theme parks, to night life, to an array of shopping opportunities, you will never get bored in Orlando, FL. Make the move today and restart your life in Sunny Orlando, FL.

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