Three Best Inverter Battery for Home to Help You Bear those Long Power Cuts

Having an inverter during power cuts can be extremely advantageous. In many places, due to bad weather conditions and poor connections, electric supply often gets disrupted. It can be very difficult to endure all these without electricity in extremely hot temperatures and humid rainy weather. Also, usual activities in the nighttime get heavily restricted due to no electricity. As a result, having an inverter to provide backup power during long periods of power cuts is becoming very important.

However, if people are going to buy an inverter, they should go for the best inverter battery for the home available. With a good quality inverter battery, long periods without electricity will not be a problem. As a result, buying a good inverter is important for keeping up with the power cuts.

Top Inverter Batteries to Deal with Long Power Cuts

Some of the best inverter batteries for home are given below.

  1. Gel Battery – IGSTJ18000
    This inverter battery is one of the best inverter battery for a home that provides great backup. It runs at 12 Volt and uses the latest gel technology in its development of the battery. It delivers consistent power throughout its life. Since the battery is gel-based, it provides complete safety against spillage. Also, the battery requires zero maintenance, and a water top-up is not required. With an enhanced power of 20 per cent, this inverter battery emits very less fumes in comparison to flooded type lead acid batteries. It is priced at Rs. 22050 MRP.
  1. Battery 120 Ah – RC15000
    This is another best inverter battery for a home that comes with a 3 year extended warranty period. The battery capacity is 120 Ah, and it runs at 12 Volt. The battery is made of sturdy tubular plates, and it is a tubular type battery. It can take huge loads for a long time and is perfect for places with frequent power cuts. The battery requires very low maintenance, provides longer life, and is highly durable. It comes with a plastic housing which is sealed. This battery costs Rs. 12810 MRP.
  1. Battery 150 Ah – EC18036This inverter comes with an extended warranty period of 3 years and has a battery capacity of 150 Ah. It runs at 12 Volt and uses a tall and tubular type battery for better performance. The technology used makes this battery highly resistant to corrosion and can handle extreme pressure. The battery is highly durable, reliable, and long-lasting. The active chemical component present inside the battery is uniformly distributed, and it provides enhanced charge acceptance. The gauntlet is resistant to oxidation, and the polyethene separator makes this battery puncture free. As a result, the chances of short circuits are greatly reduced. This best inverter battery for home costs Rs. 19220 MRP in total.All of the inverter batteries mentioned above come with their own sets of advantages and can be considered the best inverter battery for the home. The batteries of these inverters are designed to charge quickly, as well as retain most of the charge. As a result, these batteries can provide power backup continuously for a long period. Also for the places where the power cuts are very frequent, these inverter batteries can help the users to deal with such situations. These inverter batteries are also the best inverter battery for home individually, due to their ability to provide uninterrupted backup for prolonged periods of a power cut. The batteries are also designed to last longer than usual, and they are robust and durable. With an increased lifespan, the inverter batteries will be able to provide service for a long. Also, with the warranty periods, the inverter batteries are sure to perform up to their potential for years to come.
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