Top 4 benefits of QR codes for hotels and the hospitality industry

Hotels are doing their best to stay afloat amid many challenges and changes today.

Intense competition from holiday rentals and homestays and the pandemic have driven the sector to innovate using technologies, such as a QR code generator online tool.

QR codes have addressed the need for contactless options, which have proven crucial amid the pandemic.

They have also helped hotels rebrand to elevate themselves in the digital space and step outside of business norms and traditions,

Take a quick look at the top 4 benefits of using QR codes in the hotel industry.

Hotel QR codes for contactless check-ins

Checking in sets the overall atmosphere for the rest of the guests’ stay. It needs to leave a good experience as much as possible because it’s the first contact for guests.

But when hotels get very busy, this process can take a while, so guests have to queue for a long time.

With a hotel QR code for check-ins, guests can simply check-in conveniently using their smartphones.

This can minimize the queueing time before guests can board their room and rest after a long trip. Still, it would be wise to assign staff to the front desk to assist with non-techie clients.

QR codes as hotel room keys

While most hotels now use RFID cards, guests can easily misplace and lose them during their stay. And in some hotels, guests may also end up paying for lost RFID cards.

This makes QR codes as hotel room keys a more viable option. Guests can simply save the QR code on their smartphones, so they won’t easily misplace or lose them.

To prevent instances of low battery or unavailable Wi-Fi connection, most hotels offer free charging at the front desk and free Wi-Fi within the hotel premises.

Updated digital menu of the day

Food is one of the best things to look forward to during a hotel stay. This can make or break the experience, so hotels hire the most proficient chefs capable of cooking diverse global cuisines.

Hotels also often change their menus to offer something new along with their staple dishes to keep guests engaged.

QR codes for hotel restaurant menus allow them to easily update their food selections without reprinting a new menu.

They simply have to place a dynamic QR code in each room, leading to a newly curated digital menu every day.

Appliance instructions, guides, or manuals

Some visitors may break room appliances due to poor instructions. From the visitors’ standpoint, it’s reasonable since most appliances have no instructions.

This can easily be prevented by simply placing a QR code on the appliance with a call-to-action to let them know it’s an instruction guide.

This saves the hotel from the hassle of replacing the appliance now and then and guests from possibly paying for damaged or broken appliances after their stay.

Satisfaction guaranteed with hotel QR codes

QR code technology brings convenience and accessibility to hotel guests. With hotel QR codes, hoteliers can provide their customers with a comfortable stay, one they’ll surely remember.

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