Top 5 Traits You Should Look for When Hiring a Video Editor

Are you looking for video editing services? Perhaps you need to have a business video or podcast edited. You’re going to want to be sure to find someone who charges a reasonable fee, and who can give you great quality. Here are 5 traits you should look for when researching who to hire.

Your editor Should have Excellent Communication

For one thing, you should be able to talk to them by phone. They should be easily accessible in a reasonable amount of time. We always get back to our clients fast. But there are many companies that don’t allow you to communicate with your editor. They might use overseas editors, or they simply don’t allow you to talk directly with your editor.

I believe that it’s essential to have direct communication with your editor. You’ll want to get your vision across. And if there are changes, you’ll need to be able to share directly with them. I would never choose an editor that you could not talk to directly. Even if you’re out of the country they should be able to talk to you face to face through something like Zoom.

Among Miami video production companies, we’re constantly focused on giving our clients excellent communication. If the company or editor you’re thinking of hiring won’t do this, I’d find someone else.

Your editor Should be a Great Storyteller

All editors are not alike. You can give the same footage to 10 different editors, and you’d get 10 different videos. What you’ll want is someone who can tell your story in a meaningful and intriguing way. You’ll want to look at samples of videos that the particular editor your hiring has edited. Be sure the videos were created by the same person you will actually be working with.

Your editor Should be Technically Proficient

Naturally, you’ll want someone who has a great deal of experience and skill as a video editor. There are many people out there editing on computer software, but there are not many who are really good at what they do. They should have professional-level software, and they should know how to use it beyond the basics. This way you’ll have a modern and smooth-looking.

Video Caddy provides comprehensive video editing services tailored to meet diverse needs. Their skilled team excels in editing, color grading, audio enhancement, visual effects, and motion graphics. With a focus on delivering top-quality results, quick turnaround times, and cost-effective solutions, Video Caddy is a reliable partner for professional video editing requirements.

Your editor Should Have Good Taste

Some editors fill their projects with tacky special effects. You’ll want an editor who has kept up with trends, and who has good taste. It’s easy to get a tacky video produced. It takes skill and a special talent to create a video that will be received as good quality. Of course, this is something you’ll have to discern. Keep in mind that when watching a quality video, you probably won’t notice the editing. That’s the key.

Your Video editor Should Get Your Vision

If you want to be sure, you’ll want to find someone who has created videos with a similar look and feel. If they haven’t, you’ll want to be extra sure that they’re able to comprehend exactly what you’re looking for. Be careful. Don’t assume that they know what you’re looking for. In fact, if they don’t’ have a video in a similar style that they’ve created, you might want to find one to show them.

So, you’ll want to find someone who meets all your qualifications and who charges competitively. If you need an editor, give us a call. At Ball Media Innovations, we’ll give you all of the above and more. Call 1-800-570-8612.

About the Author: Greg Ball, President of Ball Media Innovations has over 25 years of editing experience. Before starting Ball Media, Greg ran Burger King World Headquarters video communications department. During that time, and since then he has created videos seen all around the world.


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