Types and Features of Car Washing Machines in Kenya

A car wash is one of the most profitable enterprises you can establish nowadays. Kenya being of the leading middle-growing income economy with a high population of people purchasing cars. Due to the availability and reliability of car washing machines, it can result in the generation and making of unlimited profit every single day.

Types of car washing machines

In Kenya, they are two classifications of car wash machines. This categorization of machines is based on the intended usage. For instance, we havedomestic car wash machines and professional car wash machines that are appropriate for cleaning and maintenance.

Domestic car wash

Domestic car wash isnormally of small designs intended for home use. Most ofthese cleaning machines have electric engines that function by plugging into the mains.


  • Produce low pressure hence have a small flow rate of water
  • Can be fixed with nozzles that forbidden adjustment of water for distinguished surfaces
  • Are highly portable and compacted hence allow it to move around for the performance of small tasks
  • They are economical compared ta o professional car wash
  • They consume a small unit of power as compared to a professional car wash


  • Time-consumingwhile using, due to the Small flow rate of water

Professional car wash machines

This is a common and pursued car washing machine price in Kenya for sale. This is due to its commercial significance.Professional car wash machines are not only used for washing cars but also cleaning companies’ carpets, removing molds onwalls, and cleaning sidewalks.


  • Generally have high pressure hence suitable for cleaning big vehicles and companies carpets
  • They have an enormous powerful motor that permits them to attain high pressure
  • They have lengthened hoses that enables them to clean such big vehicles as trucks probably
  • They have adjustable nozzles that permits them to clean tasks super-fast


  • They are not suitable for domestic use due to high pressure that can damage the surfaces
  • They are so expensive in terms of purchasing.
  • They,consume a lot of energy.

Features to spy out while purchasing car wash machine

Most of the encounters a lot of challenges, when it emerges to the purchasing of car, was machines. Some of the cease wondering which is the best-featured car wash machine to purchase. But if you are one of those individuals, here are some of the crucial features that you have to look at before making any payments.

  • Water flow rate

Water flow rate is an important factor to identify when purchasing your machine. It will give you awareness of the rate at which the machine can discharge water in a second. This will help you to complete your cleaning tasks quickly due to a lot of water disposal demand.

  • Pressure

Pressure is also a significant condition to examine while purchasing your machine. Therefore, it is important to buy a car wash machine that consistsof high capabilitiesof attaining high pressure approximately 150bars. This kind of pressure permits the ejection of water at high speed from the nozzle.

  • Engine power

The power of the engine also matters a lot when it comes to the quality of the machine. This is because the higher the engine the higher the execution of work.

  • Hose length

This is a paramount factor you have to look at. This is because if the length of the hose is too short it will limit you to perform your duties but is it long will enable you to execute your tasks approximately.

The cost of the car wash machine will depend on such qualities and features of the machine as water flow rate, pressure, engine power, hose length, and many others. The higher the quality of features the higher the price and the more effective the machine.

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