Types of Processes used in Construction Estimating Software

One of the most dreaded parts of being a small builder or contractor is creating construction estimates. They are time-consuming, and their accuracy can be the difference between losing money and making a profit. Even though they are a pain to produce there is a necessary part of a successful building business. Here, we will look at 4 types of construction estimating and how construction estimating software can make the process much quicker and easier.

Preliminary cost estimate

The preliminary cost estimate is basically a feasibility test. It is done well before any work has begun and is based on the costs of other similar, previously finished projects to get a ballpark figure of what the project is going to cost. With Buildxact construction estimating software, historical data can be uploaded and quickly used to produce a preliminary cost estimate.

Detailed cost estimate

A detailed cost estimate is exactly what it says, a cost estimate that is detailed and breaks everything down. These are prepared after the preliminary cost estimate has been given approval. They contain lots of information, including a quantity takeoff and can be very time-consuming. That is unless you have Buildxact helping you. Their construction estimating software can integrate your merchants for live pricing, it has checklists so you don’t forget anything, and it can create a quantity takeoff 80% quicker than doing one by hand.

Revised cost estimate

By using the construction estimating software from Buildxact you will know when a revised cost estimate is needed. They are performed when the original detailed cost estimate has been exceeded by 5%. Through the software’s budget tracking features, you will be able to see where and why the estimate has become inaccurate and the revised estimate can be easily produced.

Annual repair cost estimate

Also known as a maintenance cost estimate, the annual repair cost estimate tallies the cost of maintaining and repairing the construction project after the build has been completed. The Buildxact software will not only create this type of estimate quickly and accurately but it can also create schedules so nothing will be forgotten or overlooked.

Software benefits

The Buildxact construction estimating software is a leader in the industry for contractors and small building businesses. It is the perfect way to streamline your business processes, improve your profit margin, regain your spare time, and build your business. To see how Buildxact can help your building business book a demo of their construction estimating software or start your 14-day free trial. Although it may be quick and accurate quantity takeoffs that get you started with construction estimating software it is all the features that will keep you using it.

Throughout the process of a construction project, it is necessary to produce several time-consuming cost estimates. They must be accurate, and professional, make you money and win you bids. So, make sure you get what you deserve and contact the team at Buildxact to ensure you get the best construction estimating software system available today.

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