Unhealthy sports habits

The path to a firm and shapely body is paved with sweat, systematic exercise, controlled diet and various other challenges. Therefore, shortcuts are often used, which can seriously impair health.

The arrival of nice weather and sunny days, and especially after quarantine, is a time when people think intensely about starting exercise. It is human nature to want to achieve the best possible results in the shortest possible time and with as little effort as possible. So it is with exercise.

A lesson we need to master: Hygiene before and during exercise

It almost goes without saying that on the beach we have to look like the models from the covers. But the path to a firm and shapely body is paved with sweat, systematic exercise, controlled food consumption and various other traps. Because of these waivers, shortcuts are often used, which are sometimes not the best choice because they can seriously damage your health in a short time.

Below we will consider some of the most common examples of exaggeration in exercise and diet control to see results in action as soon as possible.

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Weekend athletes

Unstoppable weekend athletes have become so popular that they are even mentioned in commercials. During the week, with work and post-work commitments, it’s hard to find time to exercise regularly. So we try to make the most of these two days off.

This habit should not be interpreted as negative because it is commendable when the only days off of the week are used for movement. The only negative consequences are that the break of five days is too long and the body can never get in shape, so injuries are very common. And two days in a row of playing on the asphalt is too much for anyone who hasn’t moved away from the computer during the week.

Excessive exercise on the weekends is even more pronounced in women. Three group workouts in a row would be too much for one athlete, and they cannot have any positive effects on a fragile female body.

The best would be to do at least a 3 day workout split.

Rigorous diet

In women, exaggerations in the control of diet associated with exercise and the rapid achievement of a good figure are much more pronounced. These are mostly rigorous and unhealthy diets in which calorie intake is reduced to a minimum and nutrient intake is completely neglected. In younger girls, weight loss treatments easily turn into bulimia and anorexia, and then the problem becomes more complex because it needs to be addressed on a psychological level.

It is a smarter option to bring order to your daily diet and thus keep your calorie intake under control, while also choosing nutritionally rich foods.

Uncontrolled intake of supplements and anabolic steroids

While women aim for weight loss, men mostly aim for muscle growth. So even before the first weight lift, they contract to buy a whole set of dietary supplements that will allow them to grow muscles quickly with good definition. To this goal of training it is necessary to adjust the complete diet, but also the training itself. But who needs to take supplements?

Dietary supplements are called supplements because they are taken with food, but are not a substitute for it. Intake of various supplements without medical supervision disrupts the homeostasis of the organism, and such conditions are not good for training, nor can significant progress be expected. Supplement intake, however, should be started gradually, adjusted to the training phase and in agreement with the coach.

When training already becomes an obsession, resorting to illicit means allows you to break through the boundaries of your own body. The results that athletes achieve on sports fields have long exceeded the usual capabilities of the human body, but they use steroids in strictly controlled conditions, with constant medical supervision, which is certainly not the case with amateurs. Amateurs buy steroids through suspicious channels and take them on the recommendation of a coach. It is absolutely irresponsible of a coach to play a pharmacist. There are frequent cases of sudden death, even of athletes who are under constant medical supervision.

Steroids are derivatives of the male hormone testosterone, and their consumption quickly increases muscle mass and strength, while reducing fat deposits. Modern medicine uses them to treat certain diseases. Side effects can include damage to the liver, kidneys, heart, impotence, baldness, mood swings, and ultimately death.

Selecting inappropriate activity

The choice of activities cannot be looked at lightly, but taking into account the current state of health (blood pressure, heart problems, obesity, injuries and painful conditions of the locomotor system, diabetes, specific disorders caused by a certain occupation…), age, physical condition and previous experiences .

High-intensity programs are now very popular in which exercisers are immediately thrown into the fire without any gradual preparation of the body, but also the entire body to extreme efforts. Such programs guarantee a sculpted body in an unrealistically short period of time, while ignoring the negative consequences of such forcing. The dominant goal of any recreational exercise should be to enable each exerciser to exercise from youth to old age, appropriate to age.

What should be avoided in recreational sports?

Too long breaks between activities because the muscles weaken quickly so any sudden movement is potentially dangerous

Exercise without warming up

Too short breaks between workouts (overtraining)

Obsessive exercise

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