USA Company with Cuban BFI bank in the State Department

The USA Government Department announced that it would prohibit the Cuban military from profiting from financial transactions by adding a Cuban commercial bank to its restricted List. The State Department placed Banco Financiero International S.A.ent. From the beginning of January on, the Cuban List restricts the List and refers to it as “a Cuban military-controlled business bank, which directly benefits from financial transactions at the Cuban people’s expense.”

It bars American companies from carrying out direct financial transactions with the bank by putting BFI on the List. The BFI did not immediately answer Reuter’s requests for comments.

“To provide the military and state companies with preferential access, secure exchange rates and fund projects controlled by the government, the Cuban military uses the key role of BFI in foreign-exchange exchange,” said State Secretary Mike Pompeo in a statement.

The Reasons Behind it

To ease his Democrat predator President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump retired with the USA’s enemy from the Cold War after his inauguration in January 2017. Cuban cigars and rum were also withheld from their homes by the Trump administration or stayed in government-run hotels by American travelers. In a statement made by the United States, President Trump announced that “on the Cuban side in their long struggle for freedom and against the communist regime in Havana” Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State. Furthermore, literally: “BFI’s inclusion in the Cuban List makes it easy for a government to stop the Cuban military from regulating and profiting from financial transactions which would instead be of benefit to the people of Cuba.” In the meantime, the Pompeo Department of State has established a strategy to reaffirm Cuba’s supporting role in the U.S. The current position is Iran, North Korea, and Syria. The Island State was dissolved in 2015 by former President Obama. The U.S. government’s determination that a country has “has repeatedly endorsed international terrorism” according to the official justification provided by the State Department, automatically triggers U.S. sanctions. In three weeks before the handover to Joe Biden, Pompeo must decide whether to accept the plan.

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