USA government is not being liberal to the black community

USA election is going on, and by now, almost everyone I  the earth knows the predictive results. According to nearly every trusted source this time, the American people are going to break the trend. Usually, people vote for a similar party or candidate at least twice for the term. As they believe in sustainable development, so they try to offer enough time to set up a strategy and work on the project. But, there is no doubt that the USA’s former president, Donald Trump, made a lot of groundbreaking jurisdictions and announcements that the American people did not like. Among all the blacklisted things in president Trump’s time, the interracial violence trigger comes first. 

Jacob Blake event

Before the election event started, a heinous event took place in Wisconsin State of the USA. A police officer named Rusten Sheskey ordered a black civilian named Jacob Blake. Jacob was in his SUV with three of his sons sitting in the backseat and not breaking any rules. But, when he pulled up, the officer approached him with aggression and brought him out. After that, he started to pull Jacob down and shoot him seven times straight in open daylight. The event went viral on social media. People are talking and wanting justice ever since for the act. The department suspended the officer for the time being the trial started. 


Well, there is no conviction at all we can see. Kenosha’s court ruled that there was not enough evidence to prove Rusten  Sheskey guilty of the first-degree murder of Jacob Blake. Most people think that it was an open and shut case; such conviction was not very common. The media is highlighting the fact that the USA government is being racist now more than ever.

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