USA vaccine conditions and people’s reaction towards it

Coronavirus pandemic is the biggest headache of people all over the world. Since the pandemic strikes back in January all over the world, things are getting messy. At one end, the death toll is not decreasing at all. On the other hand, the economy started going down as the only way to prevent this deadly virus is to maintain distance. So, soon after the pandemic breakdown, facilities and factories went out of function. Several scientists and research facilities are working day and night to develop a vaccine or probable drug to cure the disease. By the end of August, Oxford University, Russia, and China showed excellent vaccine development progress. But the revolutionary vaccine is not fully operational in the market, and things are taking a new turn already. 

Vaccine fallacies

Several calculations and predictions are going around the vaccines coming from AstraZeneca. AstraZeneca is tiring with the Oxford University research facility for the mass process of the vaccine. The lead scientist of the team, Sara Gilbert, is reportedly saying that their vaccine is competent enough to provide a cure and long term security against the virus. Initially, everything seemed correct, and people showed an adequate response to the vaccine. But, the statistics are going wild again. The second wave of coronavirus came with a newer strain, and the existing vaccine is not working so well against it. A volunteer even died on a vaccine trial in London.

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America in vaccine race

America is having a big contract with Oxford and AstraZeneca for millions of vaccine doses. The current government is optimistic about providing vaccines at a minimal cost to every citizen. Trump did not act very sensitive regarding this matter. But, Fauci and the Biden community is having a hard bet on the vaccination issue. So, even they started slow; soon, the government wishes to dispose of at least a million doses of vaccine a day now.

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