Variance in Online Slots and its Importance

People like to rave on about the exceptional work being done by slot developers such as Big Time Gaming, Play N GO and Pragmatic Play, especially when it comes to explaining why the online slot industry has had a mental period of growth – play Dragon Kingdom. They’re not wrong of course, however it’s also important not to forget about how crucial gambling regulations have been over the years too. 

It’s only because of things like The Gambling Act 2005, for example, that slot developers are obliged to disclose the RTP of their games, and this also put a lot more attention on slot variance. Lots of gamblers won’t have a clue about slot variance, but the reality is that understanding this concept can result in a lot more slot gambling success. Read on for a discussion of variance in online slots and its importance. 

What does slot variance mean? 

So, what does slot variance mean? Well, the first thing to say here is that slot variance can also be referred to as slot volatility, so make sure you don’t get confused by that. In essence slot variance is all about how difficult or easy it is to make big or small wins, and also how often you can expect this to happen. 

For example, a high variance slot will be more likely to pay out huge jackpots, however on the flipside these will happen less often on average. On the other hand, low variance slots are much more likely to pay out smaller jackpot prizes, but the good news is that this tends to be a lot more often. High variance slots are also better off played with larger bets, whilst the opposite is true of low variance slots. 

The importance of considering online slot variance 

Okay, that’s the basic overview of slot variance or volatility out of the way, but why should you care about slot variance? Slot variance is massively important when you are choosing a title to play, because it will dramatically affect your success depending on whether you are a high or low roller. High rollers = high variance, and low rollers = low variance. Simple! 

Additionally, if you know the variance of the particular slot you are playing you can make better estimations about how to control your bankroll, as well as how large to place your wagers. 

Some high variance slot examples 

That’s the theory out of the way, now here are some high variance slot examples: 

  • Mega Joker: Modelled after the epic Las Vegas Megabucks machines, there’s absolutely no surprise that Mega Joker is a high variance slot. 99% RTP too when played with the highest bet limits!
  • Book of Dead: Rich Wilde is one of the best online slot characters, and in Book of Dead he gives a massively high variance too.

A few low variance slot examples 

And it would be rude not to list a few low variance slots whilst we’re at it:

  • 1429 Uncharted Seas: This beautifully designed slot from Thunderkick has an RTP of over 98%, but quite a low volatility.
  • Bloodsuckers: This equally high RTP slot hits 98%, but again the slot variance is low. 

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