Variants of Casino Games Explained

Everything has a history and throughout this, things either naturally change or are forced to by external or internal influences. When it comes to gambling games, it is not surprising to see that many no deposit bonus games have developed variants based on the original game. When you consider how far back some gambling games go, then the development of variants was inevitable. 

Gambling games can be traced back to ancient times and some games we play today have their origins is some shape or form dating back to the early history of mankind. Slots do not have such a long history and this is because of the technology needed to create a slot game. The necessary technology was only available from the 19th century onwards. Yet slots have developed more variations on the original slot format than any other game. 

The Reasons for Variants 

Many individuals or nations like to change things in a way that they think will appeal most and be more suited to their people. Whether it is the Italian lotto game that the French used as the basis for the invention of Bingo, or whether it is the Americans adding a double zero pocket to roulette wheels, all these only add more interest to these casino games. 

Slot Variants Explained 

Slots are the most popular of all gambling games out there and this is more specifically the case for online virtual video slots. The original mechanical slot machine dates back to the 19th century and even back then, variants of the slot increased rapidly. This was down to competition from inventors, but gambling bans also played a large roll in creating early slot game variants. 

When all gambling was banned in certain parts of the world back in the 19th century, slot machines were also part of this ban. However, instead of these machines being left to gather dust whilst the wait for the ban to be lifted began, those who invented these machines instead adapted to the changes forced upon them, by creating machines that kept the slot elements, but instead filled the reels with fruit symbols. At that moment in time, there was no association between fruit symbols and gambling. The prizes had to change too and instead of cash rewards, customers were paid out in candy and other treats. 

This actually gave birth to a slot variant that is still alive and kicking today and this variant is known as the Fruit Machine. 

Other Variants Explained 

Other casino game variants are more down to changes created by different countries, instead of large -scale social influences like gambling bans. The French invented Roulette yet when the game reached America, this nation saw it fit to add a double zero pocket to their wheels. The reason for this is thought to be that an extra pocket actually increased the house edge and made Roulette an even more profitable game than the original version, for American casinos. American Roulette is still available widely at online casinos today.

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