What is The Difference between the Internet and Intranet?

Since the introduction of the internet in 1969, the world has become more global, and the way we connect, work, transact, and spend our leisure time has all changed. While the term “internet” is generally understood, the concept of “intranet” is less so. However, in the business sector, this is how organizations communicate i.e. through the intranet.

The intranet is said to have originated in 1995, shortly after the network was made available for business usage in 1988. Simply described, the internet is a global network that connects computer networks all over the world, but the intranet is a subset of the internet that is privately owned by businesses and accessible only to individuals who work for them.

The internet is a public network that is provided to various places by internet service providers like AT&T internet. Along with offering a reliable internet connection the company also offers top-notch customer service so whenever you face any problem regarding the internet speed or any other matter, you can contact AT&T customer service to get it resolved.

Intranet, on the other hand, is a part of the internet that is privately controlled by your company, and any problems you encounter will be reported to the appropriate department, such as the IT department.

Continue reading to learn about the differences between the internet and intranet, as well as their many applications for businesses.

Working of Internet Vs Intranet

It is necessary to understand the basic working of both the internet and intranet to fully comprehend the differences between the two comparable yet distinct terms.

How Does Internet Work?

The Internet is a buried wire that can be fiber optics, copper wire, or broadcast via satellite or cell phone network. Information can be exchanged between two computers connected by that wire. Internet servers and web pages are the main elements of this network.

A server is a computer that is directly connected to the internet, and web pages are files that are stored on the hard drive of that server. Every server has its own internet protocol address, or IP address, through which computers can communicate with one another. Your computer, on the other hand, is not a server because it is not directly connected to the internet. Your computers are ISP clients, and all internet requests are routed through the ISPs.

How Does Intranet Work?

An intranet is a computer network within a company that allows employees to share information, services, and systems. Intranets make use of well-known internet protocols or ISPs. It can be thought of as a private internet extension managed by the organization’s internal departments, such as the IT department, HR department, or other.

How to Get Access to the Intranet?

An intranet allows employees to share information in a secure environment. To access your company’s intranet, you must be connected to its LAN (Local area network). This is useful for communicating with coworkers. The intranet can be used to provide critical information, links, forms, and apps. Databases can also be linked to an intranet set up to provide additional access to an organization’s data and even increase security by storing the usernames of those with access.

The intranet is hosted on a web server, and the specifications of the machine are determined by the content and number of users. If the intranet contains video files that will be streamed by a large number of employees, the server will have to be of a better standard. Again, for an intranet, this will necessitate a LAN IP. The workplace intranet is only accessible to employees who are linked to the LAN via a unique network password.

Uses of Internet VS Intranet for Businesses

The fact that the internet can be used for anything is self-evident. In fact, an intranet’s primary motor is the internet. The internet offers various benefits to businesses, including the following:

Benefits of Internet for Businesses

· Unrestricted Market Access

The internet connects people all over the world, giving businesses worldwide exposure. Through Internet marketing, a company in the United States can reach an audience in Asia.

· Marketing at a Low Cost

Apart from having an unlimited market reach, internet marketing is relatively less costly. To sell your business online, you’ll need a solid website and content rather than pricey banners and billboards that will only reach a small audience.

· Transactional ease

People don’t have to meet in person to complete their business transactions because they may be carried out through the internet, even on their mobile phones.

. Information Availability

The Internet is unquestionably the most important source of a great amount of information that can assist organizations in learning about new and improved ways to operate.

Benefits of Intranet for Businesses

Intranets were created particularly to make company processes easier. The following are some of the most important advantages of an intranet for businesses:

· Improves Internal Collaboration

For the organization and its stakeholders, an intranet provides a single, more compact platform. It helps in communicating more effectively, keeping employees informed and motivated, and implementing changes more quickly and consistently.

· Provides a Secure Network

Intranet refers to the networking of computers within a company. In contrast to the internet, where everything is public, it is easier to control file access and sharing on an intranet because people within the organization can be allocated accounts and passwords that allow users to access the data they are authorized to view.

· Enhances Employee Productivity

Employee productivity is increased by using an intranet because they will feel like they are being watched on their network and would avoid wasting time on pointless surfing, which would occur if they worked on the internet instead.

To sum it all up

An intranet offers more appealing possibilities for company-wide collaboration. It allows for quick answers to small to medium-sized concerns, centralizes resources, and makes information easily available. The Internet is still the intranet’s backbone and might be considered its parent. Intranet is a fantastic invention since it allows for better organizational management, improved employee cooperation, better staff, learning, and project management, and increased organizational productivity.

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