What Makes Gemstones So Popular?

What are the most popular gemstones for your bridal wear? It is hard to say, as each of us has our own individual favorites. But there are a few that I think are most popular and are appropriate to be worn on your wedding day. 


The most popular gemstones for wedding rings are generally diamonds. They are a girl’s best friend. Women hold up high esteem for diamond rings, which make their husbands’ wedding bands seem like gold. A woman wearing a diamond engagement ring will always have a good impression with her fiance. And what woman doesn’t love diamonds?


When looking for gemstones for bridal jewelry, one should not forget sapphires and rubies. These two precious stones look very beautiful when set in silver or white gold. However, if you want something different and more unique for your wedding ring then you can have a look at garnet, amethyst and tourmaline. These are some of the rarest gemstones that are also very popular with jewellery buyers.


Another popular choice of precious gemstones used as necklace and earrings are amethyst, pearls and opals. They are all valued for their color and value. Pearl and opal are very versatile as they match almost all kinds of outfits.


Garnets are predominantly yellow, but come in red, blue, green, orange, pink and black. Tourmaline has rarer colors such as blue-green, orange-red, red-orange and yellow-green. The rarest and most expensive of all gemstones, but are still very popular as chandelier earrings and pendants. Garnet is a member of the quartz family and made from minerals and iron oxides. Tourmaline and amethyst change color when they are exposed to heat, which explains why these two are so popular for jewelry use.


Tanzanite became popular gemstones because it was believed to ward off evil spirits. This stone can be either black or yellow in color. Tanzanite was believed to bring good luck. Many believe that the ancient Egyptians used tanzanite to make magic potions.


Ruby is the birthstone for July, and represents beauty, love and passion in addition to its other positive healing powers. Ruby is one of the four traditional stones in the zodiac sign Taurus. Ruby is also the second hardest gemstone after diamond. It is the only gemstone which cures all types of negative energy, which makes it highly desirable. Ruby symbolizes love, passion and fire in addition to its other healing powers.

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Opals are made from a combination of two different minerals. They come in beautiful and affordable gemstone jewellery designs. Both tourmaline and amethyst have opal in their composition. Many gemstone jewellery designers create pieces from a combination of these beautiful gemstones. It is easy to tell opals apart from other gemstones by looking at them under a UV lamp. A pink stone will appear red due to the presence of chromium.


Emerald is the birthstone for March. The green color of emeralds is due to the presence of vanadium. Although not as common as ruby, emeralds are still very popular. The green color of the emeralds owes to the presence of aluminum. In particular, the deep green color of the birthstone “The Amethyst”, found in Brazil, is an excellent example of an emerald.

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