What makes the FamiSafe app the best parental control app with location tracker features? 

Parents often worry about the online safety of kids. They know that many cyber criminals are searching for kids online to manipulate and brainwash their minds. They want to motivate them to join their gangs and commit crimes. In this way, they get their criminal motive accomplished. Giving free access to the internet on their smartphones can be a risky affair. Many sites consist of inappropriate content or images that can be harmful to kid’s psychology. Hence if you want to make sure that our kids are accessing good sites, we must use a parental control app. Location tracker apps can track the real-time location of kids. It is seen that the kidnapping of kids has increased a lot in modern times. 

FamiSafe parental control app is the only parental control app that can find a kid’s phone’s exact location using GPS tracking features. FamiSafe app works in stealth or hidden mode on the smartphones of kids. Hence it becomes invisible or undetectable after the installation of the non-kids phone. They would hardly notice any spying activity from their phone. Parents can access their phones and check their incoming or outgoing calls or text messages. Not only this, they can check their chat history on Facebook and other social media platform.

A common solution to track the live location of kids

Perhaps the easiest way to track kids’ location is to use the Google chrome Parental control feature on kid’s mobile phones. We can easily track kids’ location using a GPS tracking system on the Google map by enabling this feature.

Features of Wondershare FamiSafe app

  • Real-time location sharing:- Some kids have the habit of befooling their parents. They say that they are going to schools or coaching, but they go to the park with their girlfriends. That is why parents need parental control app to check the real-time location of a kid’s phone. Using the FamiSafe app, we can find out the exact location of a kid’s smartphone on the map.
  • Location history tracking: At times, we need to find the places visited by our kids and know the location history. In such a situation FamiSafe app can be used efficiently.
  • Geofencing setting: This feature can be used to prohibit our child not to visit certain inappropriate places for kids.

How to download & install the Wondershare FamiSafe app on a kid’s phone?

  • Parents need to download the FamiSafe app on their kid’s mobile phones. If they have an android device, they can download it from the play store app, whereas if they have an iPhone, they can easily FamiSafe app download and install this app from the app store.
  • Once the FamiSafe app’s installation is complete, they can then use their device to quickly track their live location or check the online activity on a kid’s phone.

Other useful features of FamiSafe

  • Activity reports: – FamiSafe app can provide activity reports on the kid’s phone. In this way, we can know the recently installed or deleted application on a kid’s phone. We can also analyze the time-consuming apps on their device by analyzing these reports.
  • Limit screen time: – The application can be used for limiting the screen time of a kid’s phone. It ensures that kids cannot use their phones during their study time or sleeping hours.

Price Plans of FamiSafe

There are three paid plans for FamiSafe-Annual, monthly or quarterly. The annual plan for FamiSafe costs 59.99 USD, the monthly plan costs 9.99 USD, while the quarterly plan costs 19.99 USD. The price plans of the FamiSafe app can be checked from the official site of FamiSafe as well.

Download link for FamiSafe app in Play store

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Conclusion: – FamiSafe app is the safest parental control app with location-tracking features for tracking kids’ real-time live location. We can install the FamiSafe application on the kid’s phone and track its online activity. This app can provide us activity reports which can help us determine the most time-consuming application on our kid’s phone. We can limit the screen time so that they cannot use certain apps during their sleep or study time. This application can be installed safely on iPhone as well as android phones without any compatibility issues. This app can be used for filtering the web contents on kid’s phones as well.

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