What Mistakes Should Be Avoided on Instagram?

If you are using Instagram, then you are surely going to make some mistake or the other. You must know what kind of mistakes you should avoid while using Instagram. You should make sure that you do not make the following mistakes, if you want to add followers, sell your products, increase engagement, etc.

Enhance Your Instagram Bio

If you want your products to be sold and promote your business, then you need to provide a bio that explains your products or services that your company is providing. You need to choose to write a bio that will give solutions with the help of the products and services. If your company helps other companies to buy Instagram followers, then that should go in your bio. Your viewers should know exactly what you do and the reason that they should follow your profile. 

You could also use hashtags, link to your website or products, reviews, etc. If you want people to react or follow you, then attract them with your offers or discounts that you are providing your customers. But make sure that your bio is not very long and endless. Your bio should be no more than three sentences. 

Track Your Leads

Many times, it happens that you get other email ids and links as comments on your posts or stories. These are known as the leads on Instagram. Some of these followers may have stopped using Instagram and or changed their accounts. In such cases getting these leads back can be challenging. 

Hence, you can get your followers to register their email ids so that you can send them regular updates. You will also be able to send them newsletters, promotional content, new products, etc. free of charge. This way, you will not miss out on your followers and potential customers.

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Finding Instagram Leads

Not everyone would like to provide their email ids to you. Hence, you need to have a strong bio to grab the attention of the Instagrammers. This is a kind of magnet that pulls the leads towards your account. You can ask your audience the question directly to generate their interest. But it is not as easy as you may think it to be. Before you ask people to join you, you need to ask yourself why they will like to do so. 

You need to think like the Instagrammers visiting any page. Would you like to click on a link and interrupt your screening of Instagram posts? You need to give a strong reason to your audience so that they get tempted to click on your link and do not mind getting interrupted. You try to give free information or discounts which will attract the audience. Get yourself into thinking out of the box and be creative with your content and thought. Also, you should make sure that the link provided by you is working properly. 

How to Collect Leads for E-commerce Companies

The main motive of any e-commerce company is to sell their products instead of asking people to register their email ids with them. You should provide a link where your audience could provide their email ids to avail promotional voucher or discounts for your product. But make sure that the link provided by you takes the audience to the landing page. If the link is routing to the wrong page, then you will lose your audience. 

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It is All about Visuals

Instagram is all about visuals such as beautiful pictures, interesting videos, funny picture stories, etc. Therefore, you should be very cautious with your content. No one will want to waste time on a picture or a video that has poor quality. You must have the right light with an interesting subject to post. You also have to make sure that you are using a good camera for your videos and pictures. 

Use Influencers and Hashtags to Boost Your Posts

Influencers play a very crucial role in boosting your posts. If you get an influencer on your account, then the chances are that you will be followed by people. Use pictures and hashtags that talk about your product. Many brands also buy Instagram likes to boost their company’s profile and products. These are all valuable for your business. You should ensure that you use hashtags not only on your posts or stories but also in your bio. 

Respond to People

Responding to comments or queries is very important, and many people tend to forget doing this. Instagram keep track of how interactive you are with your audience and whether you are reacting or responding to them or not. If you do not interact with the audience, then they will unfollow you. Even a simple like on a comment can give you a following.

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