Which One is Better: PDF or Word files?

We all know the significance of documents in our day-to-day lives. Whether it be a soft copy of our identity cards, any report, assignments for school, or any record, we always need documents. Documents are very important to store critical information.

Another important thing associated with documents is the kind of file format we are choosing based on the relevancy of the document. The most popular file formats for a document are PDFs and Word(Doc) files. While saving a document, you will be asked to choose between these two options only, both have almost similar functions yet they are different in some manner. 

In this article, we are going to talk about some major differences between PDF and Word files to make an opinion related to the superiority of one of the file formats. Later, we will discuss whether it is possible to convert PDF to Word or not.

Major Differences Between PDF and Word Files

It is not false that both PDF and Word files are very reliable for editing and viewing large written documents and possess some similar qualities as well, yet these two are different from each other in certain ways. File compress pdf is results in significant space savings on hard drives and web servers. PDF files also make use of this facility to store and send data quickly.


PDFs and Word files both were developed by popular software giants. Adobe designed and created PDFs whereas Microsoft created Word documents. 

Both companies created these file formats to help users in creating and storing documents effortlessly. You can create original PDFs by writing on Adobe Acrobat and for Word files, you will have to visit Microsoft Word.


The biggest difference between PDF and Word files is the features that allow modifications in the documents. PDFs only allow users to make very small changes in the documents, because documents created by Adobe are usually meant for ‘read-only’ features. People don’t even use Adobe directly to create PDF files.

But when it comes to Word documents, then this file format provides editable content. However, it depends upon the creator of the document whether they want to allow changes or not. Yet it is more useful than PDF if you want to write something and later you wish to edit it as well.

Content Reliability

Content created as PDFs are highly secured and no one can make changes to it; hence, these are more accurate in comparison to Word files which can easily be morphed by anyone.

PDF documents stay as the author wrote them whereas there might be some changes in Word documents. It can also happen with the font styles, as when you shift from desktop to mobile phone, the font style will be changed if you do not have the same font style on your mobile phone.

Can We Convert PDF to Word?

The conversion of PDF to Word can easily be done with the help of very simple steps. However, you can not make major changes in a PDF document directly, yet you can edit it by converting it to a Word file by using a reliable PDF editor.

A PDF editor can convert the PDF documents to Word files and let the users make desired changes to them.

Take Away!

There is no doubt that both the file formats provide the best services and help you in creating and storing documents. It is very tough to choose one. You can first analyze the type of document you are creating and analyze that which file format will be suitable for it.

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