Why Choose Exterior Cladding For Your Home

Cladding is a form of siding that covers some parts or all of your building’s exterior walls. Some of the materials that are commonly used for cladding include; composite cladding (capped polymer products can also fall in this category), aluminium, traditional wood, brick, vinyl, and rendering. As a home owner, if you’re looking for ideas on how to bring your unique eye for design to your home’s façade, exterior cladding is the way to go. It creates room for you to add your personal style to not just the interior but the exterior part of your home, ultimately elevating its kerb appeal. Keep reading for some top reasons why you should consider exterior cladding for your home.

Extra protection

Having exterior wall claddings installed can help protect your property from external elements such as sunlight, rain, dew and chemical pollution. The cladding can also help to enhance the structural strength of your property, thereby improving its resistance to surface cracks which ultimately saves you money as there won’t be any need for repairs.

Increased energy efficiency

Exterior cladding are sometimes called cladding panels and this is because they provide an external covering to a building, thereby acting as a form of insulating shield that helps with the regulation of temperature inside the building. Regardless of the weather condition (summer or winter), having exterior cladding installed can increase the energy efficiency of your home, enhance the comfort of its occupants and help you save on energy costs.

External noise reduction

For buildings like office complexes, cinema halls or even residential homes, too much external noise can cause distractions, and poor concentration and hinder the experience of the occupants. With exterior cladding, there are different materials that you can use to achieve varying degrees of isolation from external noises.

Minimal maintenance

Caring for most of the different types of exterior claddings does not require anything more than routine washing which is to maintain its aesthetic appeal. Exterior cladding provides enhanced, long-term protection for your property at a low-maintenance cost. If you are doubtful about the initial costs of having an exterior cladding installed, it is important to bear in mind that it is a worthwhile investment considering that they are low maintenance when compared to other alternatives such as paint.

Added value

Exterior claddings make a building look aesthetically appealing. For example, cladding materials like ACP sheets (most commonly used modern cladding materials), are available in a wide range of textures and shades which means that you can easily select a shade that will give your building a unique look which will enhance its kerb appeal and ultimately increase its value.

Variety of choices

Picking a cladding material that suits your specific needs won’t be an issue because there are a variety of materials to choose from (in different designs, colours and textures).


When it comes to transforming the aesthetics of your home’s exterior, composite cladding is easily the best option. It comes with a lot of benefits such as increased energy efficiency, external noise reduction, protection and minimal maintenance while saving you a lot of money.

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