You want to grow Hemp and CBD. What should you need to do?

First of all, it must be understood that Hemp is also classified as a category five narcotic; therefore, its cultivation must first obtain permission from the Ministry of Public Health by the “Ministry Regulations, Permission and Permission for the manufacture, import, export, distribution or possession of narcotics. Punishment in category 5, only Hemp (B.E. 2563), effective from 29 January 2021 onwards.

Who can apply for permission to grow Hemp?

1. A natural person

(a) having Thai nationality;

(b) not less than twenty years of age;

(c) having a residence in Thailand

(d) not being a person of unsound mind incompetent person or a virtual incompetent person

(e) not being a bankrupt person

(f) not being a person under the suspension or revocation of a license issued under the law on narcotics or the law on psychotropic substances;

(g) never being convicted of an offense under the law on narcotics, the law on psychotropic substances; Law on the prevention of the use of volatile substances, or the law on measures to suppress drug offenders.

2. A juristic person must be registered under Thai law.

(a) must have the characteristics under 1. (e) (f) and (g).

(b) The representative of the juristic person or the person authorized to act on behalf of the juristic person must have the characteristics of a natural person.

(c) At least two-thirds of the directors of a juristic person, partners, or shareholders are of Thai nationality.

(d) having an office located in Thailand.

3. Non-juristic community enterprises

– having the same characteristics as an average person

Government agencies

Must have objectives related to the production, import, export, distribution, or possession of    CBD kaufen according to that agency’s mission.

For what purposes can the permission be granted?

         Purpose of obtaining a license to produce, sell or have in possession The narcotics of category 5, specifically Hemp, have six objectives as follows:

  1.    1. For the benefit of government agencies, Unless it is a mission under 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6, a state agency shall apply for permission for that objective, as the case may be.
  2.    2. For the utilization of fibers according to tradition, culture, or way of life and for family use only.
  3.    3. For commercial or industrial purposes
  4.    4. For medical purposes
  5.    5. For the benefit of study, analysis, research, or breeding
  6.    6. For the benefit of certified seed production
  7. The application for permission to import or export hemp shall be by the objectives set out in Articles 1, 3, 4, 5, or 6, excluding the utilization of traditional fibers.

Documents to be prepared

  1. Application form for permission (Hemp 1)
  2. Production plan, utilization plan
  3. Map showing planting location and access route.
  4. Certificate of land ownership or possessory right
  5. Plans of buildings and houses and photographs
  6. Other additional documents or evidence.

Note: In requesting permission, you must clarify the origin of CBD kaufen seeds. what species the applicant uses and where the seeds are produced If the applicant will use hemp seeds from the highland research and development institute (Public Organization)

The procedure for considering issuing a license by the FDA is as follows:

  1. Review requests and locations
  2. Bangkok,the inspector, is an official of the Food and Drug Administration.
  3. In other provinces,the inspector is an officer from the Provincial Public Health Office.

4. Propose to the Board of Directors for consideration in 2 committees as follows:

    •    – Provincial Committee
    •    – Narcotics Control Board
    • 3.  License issued by the Ministry of Public Health

So, if you want to grow CBD kaufen, you need to maintain all of these rules. For More Information Visit This Site: thefrisky

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