3 Ways to Make Someone’s Day with Live Entertainment

Live entertainment is something most people overlook or don’t even consider in their daily lives.  We turn to flowers or simple physical gifts instead, when we want to brighten someone’s day.  The thing is: live acts are the best way to try and brighten someone’s day.  Not only do you get the chance to show someone how well you know them, but you also have the opportunity to create a moment they won’t forget.  After all, how often do people surprise you with a live performance?

Singing Telegrams

Hire a singing telegram to tell this particular person how much they matter to you.  There’s nothing wrong with being spontaneous, and although these fell out of fashion for a while, they’re a fun and exciting way to show anyone you care.  Think about what you know would make them laugh or smile, and then make sure you’re clear on your expectations for the telegram or singer.  There’s nothing wrong with being creative with it!  Hire ahead of time by a month or two if this is for a holiday since that’s when telegrams are most used.

Alarm Clock Performance

Why not surprise them by waking them up with a Dolly Parton impersonator singing one of her famous songs?  You could also surprise them with a band on their lawn playing some music that makes them happy.  Alarm clock performances are a quirky and fun way to start any day with a little surreal magic and the perfect way to show you care.  You may want to ensure that the person is awake before the performer starts since a sudden shock or scare might not be such a great way to wake up.  If they aren’t into sudden surprises, avoid this one altogether.

A Show For Two

If your anniversary is here or it’s someone’s birthday, there’s nothing like a singer or musician’s personal performance to make someone feel loved and noticed.  You don’t have to throw a party or make a big deal if they don’t like things like that. Instead, you can focus on finding the perfect act for them.  This plan may mean that you hire a cover band who knows all of their favorite songs or that you find a violinist who can play beautiful music while you make food for your loved one.  There’s something unique and intimate about having a performer just for the two of you while you spend time together.  Just make sure that the performer knows what to expect and to avoid any awkwardness by planning.

There’s nothing wrong with having fun with those you love!  Show them how much you care and what you’d do for them with a little music and some new memories.  If you’re still unsure how you could utilize some live entertainment, think about when or how you’d like to be surprised.  If you think of anything good, you can use that for them- remember to plan and be clear in your instructions with the performers!

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