5 Kitchen Gadgets You Will Actually Use

Cooking is one of those things that you either love or hate doing at home. Whether you are a cooking enthusiast or cook just to get by and not starve to death, there is no doubt that kitchen gadgets will make your life much easier. For those who love cooking, having those gadgets can be a fun little experiment whereas if you find your time in the kitchen to be time consuming and boring, they could spruce up your experience and help you create a delicious meal with less effort. Not only could these gadgets save you time and money, they can also make the boring mundane tasks a little bit more enjoyable.

As people began spending more time in the kitchen due to the pandemic, it has become more important than ever to equip your kitchen with all the necessary items for a seamless experience. That is why here at We Buy Any House, we have gathered the top 5 hottest kitchen gadgets you need and will actually be put into use as well.

1.    Portable Pizza Oven

The Ooni portable pizza oven is the hottest trend right now and we are here to tell you that all the fuss around it is well worth it. Its size will surprise you as it can fit in a backpack, it is powered by gas and foldable for your convenience so that you can enjoy it even outside of your kitchen. If you are sick of ordering Dominos and spending a huge amount of money on deliveries, this pizza oven will be the perfect solution as it is super easy to use and you will make a pizza much better than any delivery you have ever got. Trust the people on this one, it’s a keeper!

2.    Electric Kettle

Those boring glass kettles are so out of style and not to mention huge energy consumption appliances. The electric kettle is the upgrade your kitchen needs. With its stylish design, quick heating and optimal flow rate, this gadget will become your morning best friend. No longer will you burn your tongue on an overly hot cup of coffee due to the smart and precise temperature control. What’s more, you will save time on making your morning beverage as well as money on energy. The traditional kettle is often overfilled and wastes a lot of water while with this electric upgrade you will be able to control any wastage and energy consumption.

3.    Bag Resealer

This handy gadget has grown massively in popularity across all social media platforms especially TikTok where people often share smart home tricks and improvement tips. The bag resealer is a houseware items which allows you to reseal any plastic bag in order to keep the moisture out and maintain the product’s best quality. If you have ever been annoyed at leaving a bag of crisps open overnight and then ended up throwing the rest of it away because they have lost their crunchiness, then this small and useful gadget is for you!

4.    Multifunctional Sponge Holder

Something you never knew you needed in your life but that will eventually become an integral part of it is the multifunctional sponge holder which doubles as a soap dispenser. Not only does it provide for a place to store your sponge, but it also makes it so easy to make it soapy in order to begin washing your dishes instantly. You will not need to put dishwasher liquid on your sponge every time before washing up, instead you just need to press it down and you will be good to go. Easy and smart, exactly what everyone needs in their kitchens.

5.  Instant Pot

Big trends around kitchen enthusiasts have been the air fryer, the rice cooker, the pressure cooker and slow cooker. This instant pot combines several functions which include some of the already mentioned above. Not only does it perform some of those, but it can also perform as a steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer all at the same time.

With kitchen gadgets taking over most of our kitchen countertops, it is more important than ever to get ones which will serve multiple functions and take up less space. There are numerous cool gadgets that will catch your eye with their innovation but rarely are they used in the kitchen on a regular basis. Most of the time they will be used once or twice and then they will take up space in your storage spaces. That is why it is essential that you invest in quality gadgets that you will use daily.

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