8 Interesting Online Slot Facts

Casinos and gambling always fascinated people and this is one of the reasons that they are not only popular offline and online, but also a common theme amongst many movies. However, due to their popularity there have been many myths surrounding them, which tend to put most people off visiting brands 666 Casino. Most of these myths involve slot machines, so in this article I will mention a number of different facts regarding these, which will also shed some light in relation to the myths. 

Time on Device

The aim of a slot machine developer is to be able to hook players and keep them within the game for the longest possible time. This would supposedly result in them earning the biggest amount of money, which is also the reason that slot machines get more and more sophisticated. 


Online slots have the edge over the players and it is not an easy task to find out by what percentage. Each slot machine is designed with a specific random number generator, so it is impossible to make out the odds of a slot machine. However, most of the developers inform players about the RTP that each slot machine has in advance.


In the past slot machines were employed by casinos to offer players a way to spent their time as they were waiting for their friends or in-between the ‘real casino games’. Today, online slots generate 85% of the total revenue of the casinos, highlighting how the improvement of their gameplay has captured the players’ interest. 


Progressive jackpots stack up as players continuously bet, raising their excitement along with the prize. Today most jackpots are equivalent to national lottery prizes, attracting players from all over the world who compete for them. 

Modern vs Traditional Slot Games

Originally slots were created by a few mechanical parts, such as coins, a lever etc., while today there are more than 1200 different parts required for their development. This change did not occur over night, but instead took over a century. However, the result of this effort pays off since slot machines today are more popular than ever.

Slot machines most popular country

US is the number two in terms of slot machines popularity, although there are more than 80.000+ machines across the country. Japan is indeed number 1 with more than five million slot machine games. 

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Hot Slot Machine

There is this common idea that slot machines can be cold or hot, according to the rate they are paying off. However, this is far from reality, since each slot machine has a random number generator which determines the winnings. However, each slot has different volatility, which could be the underlying reason of the aforementioned misconception.


All casino games are addictive due to the feeling of excitement that they induce to players, but slot machines are 3 or 4 times more addictive than the rest. This highlights the quality of gameplay that they offer and the amount of excitement. 

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