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An Bui Online Career Accelerator Review: Legit Digital Marketing Course to Learn during Lockdown

Do you want to advance in your career or learn new things? Then, you can utilize the time you have during this lockdown and gain new skills, like digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of the top-rated skills for beginners as well as for professionals. You can learn this skill even if you have no degree or experience. Furthermore, you can learn it from the comfort of your home. 

What is Digital Marketing first: 

Digital marketing is a combination of skills that includes writing, coding, using social media, using search engines, designing, and graphics. A digital marketer needs to understand how these tools work! 

A digital marketer needs to know how to communicate to a client, perform a cost-benefit analysis, allocate and manage budgets, campaign creation, agency operations, and performance reports.

If you are interested in digital marketing as a career. If you seek to be a brand manager, ads marketing manager, SEO specialist, or even a product manager, you need to know these skills to manage the workforce performing them. 

What’s more? You can discover most of these skills online while you are at home! We can suggest a digital Marketing course available which you can exercise during this lockdown.

Online Career Accelerator is an online digital marketing training course founded by An Bui. This program has become one of the leading online digital marketing systems in this current generation. It trains students to be industry-ready by offering training in the field of Digital Marketing. Students have access to extensive, full-length courses covering basic and advanced digital marketing topics. 

Online Career Accelerator both benefit aspiring business owners who want to get their business operation into digital. And for individuals who intend on working remotely or apply for jobs in digital marketing. The purpose of the course is to teach students the ins and outs of modern digital marketing.

Online Career Accelerator provides step-by-step training through modules that are easy to follow. They also have personal mentoring and one-to-one technical coaching service. It helps to avoid misunderstandings from being confused by all the principles of digital marketing.

How long does it take to finish?

Online Career Accelerator is said to be a 10-week program. Every week you will learn new skills from their mentors:

Week 1 – Introduction And Mindset

Topics Included:

  • Time management to work done efficiently
  • How to avoid failure
  • How to get guidance
  • How to have the right mindset to succeed
  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Basics of Marketing and Concepts
  • Basics of Google Ads
  • Basics of Facebook Ads
  • Basics of Email Marketing
  • Basics of SEO
  • Career Opportunities

Week 2 – High-Income Skills

Topics Included:

  • How to make six figures with Facebook Ads
  • How to quickly learn Facebook Ads within Weeks
  • How to learn Digital Marketing within Weeks 
  • How to expand the ability to produce thousands of dollars every month

Week 3 – Career Accelerator

Topics Included:

  • How to job hunt and find 1,000+ businesses hiring for marketing
  • How to find urgent companies looking to hire
  • How to effectively job search instantly
  • Proven resume template to getting job offers
  • Beginner-friendly resume for Digital Marketing jobs
  • Step by Step Cover Letter Template and Checklist
  •  Digital Marketing Interview Scripts
  • 6 Figure Digital Marketing Interview Recordings
  • Cover Letter & Resume Reviews to secure you perform it right
  • +A copy of Cover Letter and Resume

Week 4 – Marketing Ads

Topics Included:

  • How to make highly profitable Facebook Ads
  • How to run Facebook campaigns easily
  • How to create effective Google Ads
  • Proven ads that work and why they work
  • Scaling campaigns from $1k to $100k per year

Week 5 – Network Mastery

Topics Included:

  • How to get multiple side jobs
  • LinkedIn Decoded (private mastermind course)

Week 6 – Career Acceleration

Topics Included:

  • How to get a raise easily
  • How to negotiate for a salary
  • Hidden strategies to make more money in less time

Week 7 to 10 – Elite Series

Topics Included:

  • How to earn a ridiculous amount of money with Digital Marketing
  • How to take other people to do the task for you and get multiple clients
  • How to get hired and not even have to perform the marketing anymore

Online Career Accelerator vs. Other Digital Marketing Courses

The Online Career Accelerator is entirely different from other courses and training programs because of 3 factors.

1.They have personal coaches who are real experts in the field who will train you in Digital Marketing.

Why do people get lost? They purchase a course and never learn anything. They get stuck and finally give up. The reason why they charge $5,000 when you take the program. Online Career Accelerator has the best mentors to guide students and ensure that they are progressing and easily land a high-paying career.

It is also why the course has a high student progress rate. They have mentors in the area of digital marketing who work and teach people how to succeed.

2. Trainers have weekly calls with students to answer their queries.

These trainers are not just college teachers, not educators with zero experts in communications, but real experts who currently work in the field. It is for the individuals because you will learn from someone who knows what they are doing. Coaching and feedback is the #1 deciding factor for progress. Without coaches, you will end up getting stuck in the things that get no results.

3. They have one of the BEST communities

Many individuals decide to give up when they start something. One reason is that they are not part of a community and end up feeling alone with no one pushing them. Online Career Accelerator is full of professionals discussing new concepts and techniques in the industry. It will be impossible not to excel in the course with a group full of experts answering your questions every day. 

Everything you learn in this course will prepare you for the real-world setting. They show you hands-on knowledge and not just academic nonsense. You’ll know how to run profitable PPC ads once you are finished with this course, build profitable SEO campaigns, use Google analytics, and so many more things that will benefit you when you are working in the market. 

Is it worth it?

Now that you have seen for yourself what the Online Career Accelerator is all about, you might be considering if this course provides what it claims to give you?

Online Career Accelerator is ON THE 80% OFF DEAL NOW for only $997 or 2 Monthly Payments of $597.  But given the amount of value you receive and the potential to produce sales of $150,000+ a year is worth your money.

Taking courses on Trade schools, Coding Bootcamp, College, HVAC School, and Beauty School costs anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000 annually. So compared to Online Career Accelerator, the price is much better. Not just that, the earnings you receive after you take the course are relatively low. The school does not even help individuals get work.

Online Career Accelerator: Take the course now

Make use of the lockdown! Online Career Accelerator has changed the lives of many who have taken it. The fact that you can learn such a best asset skill during a lockdown for a small amount of money is mind-blowing. 

Should you join the program? Well, the decision is yours, but why not take the risk. Go out of your comfort zone, support your decision to take a step further in your career, and be the best that you can be to be a successful digital marketer.

You can enroll here and get an 80% OFF Deal today. Follow Online Career Accelerator on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter for more updates!

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