Can I Spray Paint uPVC Window Frames? Here Is Your Answer

A popular choice of material for window frames is uPVC and this is mostly due to its many benefits such as minimal maintenance, durability and long-lasting resistance to harsh weather conditions. But even with these amazing benefits, there are situations where you may have grown tired of the current colour of your uPVC window frames or they may have started to look faded or worn-out. So if you’re wondering if it’s possible to spray paint your uPVC window frames, the answer is YES! uPVC window frames can be spray painted to either change or brighten up their existing colours.

What colours can you paint uPVC window frames?

Now that it is clear that uPVC window frames can be spray painted, you might be wondering what colours options are available to you. The answer is any colour of your choice. uPVC spray paints come is a wide variety of colours and shades and your choice of colour is totally up to you.

What the spray painting process is like

Spraying your uPVC window frames is no easy feat. Getting a professional finish will require adequate surface preparation, using the right tools/equipment, using the right type of spray paint and knowing the appropriate level of coating- all of which requires the expertise of professional uPVC spray painters.

The spray painting process typically starts with surface preparation and applying protective covering to the window glazing and around the exterior of the property (basically only the frames that are to be painted will be exposed). Cleaning and sanding the surface is the next step. This is to ensure that the paint properly adheres to the surface. A layer of primer is also applied to the surface before painting to ensure that the paint easily settles onto the surface to create a good quality finish.

After the primer has been applied, the surface can be painted. A minimum of three layers of paint is usually applied but depending on the type of spray paint and colour, more coating can be done. After spray painting, the newly coated window frames are allowed to dry for about 30 minutes or more before all protective coverings are removed.

Why you should hire the professionals

Spray painting your uPVC window frames seems easy enough on paper but it is incredibly easy to mess it up. This is why it is highly recommended that you do not take it on as a DIY project. The best way to achieve a professional-looking finish is to let expert spray painters who have had years of spray painting experience handle the job. Not only will they ensure to use top quality paints and equipment, they offer you a 10 year guaranteed finish that will not peel, fade or crack under any weather conditions.


Unless the surface of your uPVC window frames are severely damaged beyond repair (a deep dent, crack or fire damage), changing their colour shouldn’t be a problem. However spray painting your uPVC window frames is a time consuming process and requires a high level of expertise. So if you want to achieve the best results, hiring a professional spray painting company is your best bet.

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