Free vs Real Money Slot Machines: Which are better? 

Free and real money slot machines both offer the exact same slot game but with one key difference, free slot machines utilise a virtual currency whilst real money slot machines use actual money.

What’s the Difference? 

Though it may seem as if free and real money slot machines will have a whole host of differences, the truth is that they offer players the exact same experience in terms of gameplay – also check out the best roulette strategy. The only difference between these two types of slot machines is that one uses real money whilst the free slot doesn’t.

Free slots use currency in their gameplay but players cannot win anything from it, no matter how well they perform in the game. In terms of gameplay and overall experience, there is no difference. The real money slot does not have better graphics or sound effects than it’s free counterpart and the free slot does not offer players any advantage in terms of RTP or volatility despite being free to play.

Due to their slight differences, both offer different kinds of benefits for players to enjoy. 

Benefits of Free Slots 

One major benefit that players get from free slots is that they do not need to register with a casino site in order to enjoy them. Instead players can simply play the games directly from the web page. Not only is this much easier for players but it also means that they won’t be handing over their personal details in order to enjoy the slot.

Another benefit is that more and more of the latest and best releases are available to play as a free slot, this means that players can enjoy brand new slot games for absolutely free! The final benefit that players get from using free slots is that they provide a perfect opportunity for brand new players to learn the basics of slot games.

New players won’t have to worry about wasting money whilst they get used to the gameplay of online slot games. This benefit extends to experienced players as well, it gives them the chance to try out slots with unique gameplay mechanics that they might not have encountered before without the possibility of losing money. 

Benefits of Real Money Slots 

Real money slots also contain many advantages for players, the biggest advantage is that these types of slots have an extra element of excitement and tension due to the fact that the reels are spinning for money.

The possibility of winning a high payout is enough to keep even the most seasoned player on the edge of their seat. The atmosphere that players get from playing a real money slot is incredibly hard to replicate through a free to play slot, even though there are no differences in gameplay or style. 


Free slots are perfect if you are just starting out and trying to learn the ropes or if you are a player who doesn’t want to put any money on the line. Real money slots are more suited to players who are familiar with how online slot games work, the atmosphere that real money slots provide players is hard to beat.

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