How to Calculate Winnings in Slot Machines

The portfolio is divided into the game screen which has a button or link to open it. The table shows a list of prizes or coefficients for the determined winning combination. Also, it shows special symbols and bonuses. The most common scheme is to multiply each row’s stake by a given factor. Some manufacturers are based on the value of the coin or the level of the stake.

Bonus Games and Risk Games

Most modern slot machines offer bonus games. The bonus round can include free spins and repeat spins. In addition, interactive mini-games are often provided. Rewards like “pick-me” can select multiple items and get rewards. Usually, the rounds are For example, bonus games on dedicated Robin Hood machines usually provide multiple targets.

The risk round is a game where you can double the bonus per spin by 2 or more times. It starts after every beneficial spin. The most common type of risk game involves guessing the color and / or suit of the card. Many slots contain ladder -type risk games. It is shaped like a pyramid with flashing blocks on it. At this time, you need to press the button and the highest value block lights up at this time. Then players will get higher rewards. In other types of risk in either case, the correct answers will double the bonus. The wrong answer will invalidate the bonus and the main game will start.

Additional parameters

Other parameters that may be useful to players are machine volatility and rate of return. Volatility characterizes the frequency and amount of prizes awarded to players. Low-volatility slot machines provide rewards very frequently, but not very high. Generally, the bonus per spin does not include the value of the bet. High volatility slot rewards are infrequent but high returns. In most cases, rewards will be reimbursed for expenses. According to the type of fluctuation, choose the strategy of playing the machine. It is important to choose a bet value that will not cause a loss before winning a good prize.

RTP does not guarantee that the balance will be returned to a specific player. It shows that in the long run, the percentage of the deposit on the slot machine will be returned to the player. This indicator only shows the total balance that the slot machine will return. The RTP of contemporary slot machines is 92% or higher. Usually, the volatility and RTP are shown in the machine description provided by the information portal. Some manufacturers indicate the return percentage in the payment form.

The history of slot machines

The slot deposit dana machines were very small, including a slot for inserting coins, a display area that can rotate symbols, a panel that displays prizes in combination, and a small dispenser tray to collect prizes. In order to operate these machines, the player the first slot machine in history was created by Sit man and Pitt in New York. It was based on a poker game that used card. Symbols to create a winning hand to get a beer or cigar. Free bells), the winning combination will get cash prizes. These machines have become so popular that the level of demand is higher than the level of production.

Later models used fruit symbols, often called “fruit machines”; in order to prevent developers from being sued under anti-gambling laws, they reward players with gum or fruit-flavored potato chips. In Neon Slots, you can play old slot machines for free in the virtual version without paying coins.

It took a while for players to start accepting these types of machines. Because they are used to seeing real reels spinning, but more and more game creators are starting to produce this type of slot machine, and today they are the norm in all land-based casinos.

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