How to choose the Best 5Kva generator  in Kenya

5kva generator price in Kenya is based on its use, for instance, welding, commercial, projects, or home use. This article focuses on the factors to put into consideration when determining the 5kva generator price you want for your power needs.

Reasons Why People love 5kva Generator In Kenya

5kva means Kilo Volt Ampere. In modern times, new technology has made it possible to invent various electric devices. As a result, people depend on generators as a source of power or a backup power system. 5kva generator is mostly ideal for home use in that it can power several electric types of equipment for instance a television, a refrigerator, an air conditioner, an oven, and a microwave.  The 5kva generator price in Kenya depends on various factors.


When buying your 5kva generator it is important to inquire about installation cost. It is very important to buy your generator from authorized electricians who will help you understand the installation process. A licensed electrician will help you understand how the generator operates, train you on key details as well as giving you all the guidelines you require.

The electrician can also help you in selecting the right size of the generator, fuel use, calculation of the wattage you require for your appliances, operating system among others.

Fuel consumption

Before purchasing the generator it is important to investigate the fuel consumption. Get one that provides your needs and at the same time consumes less fuel. Also, get one with the type of fuel you prefer either diesel or petrol.


Size is very key because it will determine the performance of your generator, the generator lifespan, and your safety, especially during operation. For home use get a generator depending on how many appliances it will power.


The generator may be required to power different appliances and therefore before buying one ensure it has got enough outlet where all your appliance will be plugged in. If the outlets are not enough it means some of the equipment will be left out with no power.


Ensure you know all the accessories needed to operate the 5kva generator especially if it is not an automatic one. This will help also in determining the cost of everything needed in operating the generator.

Wattage capacity

Wattage capacity is determined by the amount of power you need for your equipment. When buying get one that can support your power requirements. This will help in avoiding an overload on the generator. Overloading leads to overheating the engine, alternator hence engine failure. It also reduces the lifespan of your generator.

External fuel tank

Inquire how big the fuel tank is and for how long it can last. This will help you determine whether there is a need for an external fuel tank. You will also be able to know the time your generator will take before refilling the tank especially when it is continuously running.


Knowing how noisy the generator is may assist you in deciding on the type of generator you want. Some generators have soundproof containers hence low noise.

5kva generator price in Kenya is determined by many factors. It is also ideal for both commercial use and home use. The 5kva generators are also affordable and reliable

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