Improving Efficiency through Construction Scheduling Software

One of the most important things in any construction-related industry is efficiency. Because time is money, and if you have inefficient processes that produce slow results, you’re wasting money – or worse, a client’s money. Sometimes, your processes aren’t necessarily the problem – nor are you overstaffed and have two people doing a job for one – sometimes, the issue is that you aren’t using the right tools for the job.

There are many ways to improve project efficiency in the construction industry. One way that construction companies like yours could be doing this is to invest in software and technology to make it easier for you to see deficiencies of all sorts. Using a pen and paper to do the work of a computer (that can operate a million times faster) makes no sense and wastes precious time.

Scheduling is one of the main areas of inefficiency in construction. You know you need X people or equipment to be at this place. But trying to manage it without software is overwhelming and wasteful. Construction scheduling software can provide the tools to manage your employees and equipment better.

But what are some of the benefits of using construction scheduling software? 

Improving Project Planning

The planning phase of any construction project is often dictated by how much time is available to your company and how long a project will take to complete. Construction scheduling software allows you to provide exact timeframes based on your estimates to help you streamline the planning phase. If you know how long a project will take, you can better assign work to your employees and schedule your equipment use more accurately.

Integrate Team Tasks & Better Manage Workers

That’s costing your boss money. Using construction scheduling software, you can assign tasks to each team member for every hour of the day, including sending automated reminders. Couple this with the equipment-scheduling capability of construction scheduling software, and ensuring the timely arrival of necessary equipment is a no-brainer.

Improve Team Communication

Thanks to the mobile phone, gone are the days of needing to drive to the job site to inspect an equipment breakdown, then drive back and call the company charged with fixing it – all of which wastes minutes and sometimes hours. Using equipment tracking and other integrated platforms with your construction scheduling software, you can have your team in the field communicate breakdowns in real time with pictures and video-conferencing. Some construction scheduling software will allow you to make the right calls to the mechanics and get your equipment functioning faster.

Beyond the equipment side, ensuring that your employees know what their jobs are on-the-day is another huge communication benefit of construction scheduling software. Having a built-in designator for tasks and reminders set for your employees will save you time and energy having to explain the functions of the day to them every single day.

Planning Ahead

One of the main benefits of construction scheduling software is that it allows you to plan. With calendar integration and other technology, you’ll know what’s coming up and your deadlines. You’ll be able to change your workforce location on the fly and make more calculated bids for projects.

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