Is online bingo legal in the UK?

If you’re a bingo fan but typically play the game at the local bingo hall, you might be considering getting up to date and playing bingo online at However, many people don’t end up trying because they’re not sure if online bingo is legal in the UK. If you’ve ever wondered the same, this is the article for you – read on to find out more! We’re going to be taking a look at:

          Bingo laws in the UK

          Bingo laws in the USA

          Bingo laws in other parts of the world

Well, is it?

You will be happy to hear that in the UK, bingo is 100% legal. If you’ve been holding back on playing because you’re not sure about the laws, don’t worry because you have the right to play your favourite game. There are a couple of laws that you may have to take into consideration, but overall there are hardly any restrictions:

          You must be over the age of 18 to play bingo for real cash

          You must agree to the website’s terms and conditions

          You must be able to verify your ID, much like how you would in a bingo hall or casino.

Overall, it is totally legal to play bingo in the UK and as long as you are over 18 you will have absolutely nothing to worry about. However, not all countries are as lucky as the UK!

Online Bingo Laws in Other Parts of the World

If you are a bingo fan that lives outside the UK, you might not be quite as luck as us! Tons of other countries are totally online bingo friendly such as Spain, Italy and Japan, but other countries are not so lucky. Take a look at the following examples:

          Did you know that online bingo is almost completely illegal in the USA? Land-based bingo is even illegal unless it is conducted under charitable reasons. 

          Although online bingo is legal and extremely popular in Japan, land-based bingo halls are not allowed!

          All forms of bingo are illegal in the United Arabic Emirates, so if you had a plan to play bingo in Dubai then we’re afraid you’ll be disappointed!

However, it must be said that whilst some forms of bingo are illegal in many countries, it is always legal to play bingo for free. This means that any bingo games that you can find that don’t allow any form of cash deposit can be enjoyed totally legally any part in the world! Brilliant.

Legal Bingo

Overall, if you live in the UK then you can be rest assured that playing online bingo is 100% legal (assuming you are over 18 years old). Not all countries are fortunate enough to be allowed to play online bingo for real cash, so next time you hit that jackpot make sure you show your gratitude for our wonderful gambling laws here in the UK! 

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