Movies – a Small Relief in These Trying Times

In the grasps of social pressure, exam stress, or workload anxiety, we feel entrapped in the blankets of our problems, with no room to breathe. And in that stifling hot air, movies, amongst others, offer that small sweet gasp of cool refreshing air that we all need from time to time. Over the coming years, movies have only grown more and more popular as the graphics, storylines, and overall quality skyrocket, and เว็บดูหนังฟรี are available for everyone to tune in. And in this ever-growing field of masterpieces, there is a little something for anyone, at any time.

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Curling up on your couch with a warm heavy blanket and a bucket of popcorns seems like the vacation we all deserve after a stressful week. Movies detach you from reality and the burdening thoughts of life and worry slowly fade away as a calming film takes you in for a comfortable walk around the lives of fun and lovable characters.

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In the repetitive circle of life, whether it is a 9 to 5 bombardment of work or an 8 to 2 stress of exams, you may slowly lose the motivation to work, or just getting up, in general, may become an arduous task. Movies bring the comfort and replenishment that someone may need to get their bearings back. Moreover, characters can become motivating agents where their passions and ability to not give up may inspire you to incorporate these positive aspects in your life. Similarly, a relatively repulsive character would encourage you to subtract those negative traits from yourself. A passionate and self-driven character may also encourage you to follow your dreams.

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A good movie watched with your family can serve as a great bonding activity where you laugh, cry or shout together over scenarios. In this age of disconnect, where the buzz of a fast-paced life keeps you from being with your loved ones, movies connect hearts by encouraging emotions of love and hate, collectively experienced by the entire family, that binds them in the moment. Moreover, storylines with healthy, loving relationships and friendships can help you to reflect on your own bonds.

In this way, movies become a field of flowers, a raging battlefield, or a kingdom of clouds for whoever needs them and that aspect is what makes them beautiful.

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