Reasons to Refurbish Your Office Now

Picture the scene: You’re heading a Queensland company who has just heard that you can get the best commercial and office fitouts service in Brisbane, and you’ve been hearing no end from your colleagues and team members that the office is in need of a refresh…in your mind you’re still struggling to see the need, perhaps because of the cost, but also perhaps because you don’t see why your office needs any refurbishment.

If this sounds like you, or if you’ve ever wondered about getting an office refurb, here are some of the best reasons why:

Reason 1: It Can Be a Productivity Boost

Creating a refreshed space is a move that makes the workspace much more enjoyable and pleasant to be in. A workspace that people like is one that people are glad to come to each day, and dare we say they actually enjoy themselves more and get more done. When people are happy to be in the office, you tend to end up with more people willing to put in extra hours either by getting there early or staying late.

This is an especially great thing for more junior employees still trying to earn their stripes and pay their dues. A pleasant environment motivates them to hunger for success. As they work at their best in the pleasant environment you’ve created, you can better spot talent and nurture it to create a more effective team in the long term.

Reason 2: It Creates a Better Impression to Clients

If yours is an office that regularly welcomes existing and prospective clients, then a refurbishment sends positive messages and creates a positive impression. Both your current and soon-to-be clients will be glad to see that you’re a dynamic and successful company and will most likely be more willing to continue working with you in the long term. Companies that don’t invest in a good workspace create negative impressions on those same customers.

Projecting success and profitability through the quality of your establishment is a great way to reassure customers that you are a company in which they can place their faith and trust.

Reason 3: It Fits with a Rebrand

Young companies often go through stages of branding and rebranding themselves as they discover their identity and mature as an organisation. A refurbishing of the office right alongside a rebrand is an excellent way to boost that rebranding and reflect those values that you are now connecting to that same brand.

Here’s a quick example. Let’s say that an established company wants to rebrand with a more eco-friendly focus on their name. Refurbishing the office in a greener and more sustainable design would be a terrific way to put forward concrete evidence to support the marketing spiel about “going green” and “working with a conscience.”

Reason 4: It Allows You to Adapt to a Growing Team

As companies grow and expand, office space can quickly become insufficient to properly house the new team. Bigger teams need different kinds of spaces and organisation of desks and equipment within the office. They may also require an enlarged reception, the addition of multipurpose spaces, as well as additional meeting and collaboration spaces. All of this requires a radical rethink of the way the office looks and is structured.

Reason 5: Refurbishment is a Ticket to the Ultimate Declutter

Similar to our homes, offices get impossibly jammed with clutter and mess over the years. Some companies institute an annual “spring cleaning” regime where at least once a year the place is cleared out and decluttered. That’s a nice stop-gap, but if you want a real clear out, an office refurbishment is a better way to do it. A refurb means pulling out every drawer and cupboard and sorting out what’s lurking in there. It’s the ultimate decluttering fresh start.

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