What are the benefits of carrying a PDF document over a Word document?

It is the era of the virtual world. Every document, picture, file, etc., is created online for better access and use. The users find it easy to store their files on the web as they can be accessed from any corner of the world.

Applications like PDF editor are the tools used by people when it comes to working virtually. The various tools and file format helps people to create a document of their choice. The most famous file formats are PDF and Word. Choosing the best has been a long debate, but every format has its pros and cons.

What are Word and PDF formats in a file?

Word and PDF formats are the types of formats available to store documents. Word is a file format developed by Microsoft. It is a highly renowned format known worldwide to store documents that contain text.

Since Word has many easy as well as complex features, it is preferred by people to store text files only. It doesn’t enable the users to handle some of the pictures but still is widely used.

On the other hand, PDF files are highly recommended by the users to store not only text documents but also help to add pictures and various other requirements as per the need. To edit pdf online, a user needs to use the online applications available to increase productivity.

Benefits of PDF over Word

As Word was created by Microsoft, it is extremely popular among people. On the other hand, people trust PDF files for storing their data as it’s highly secure.

The major benefit of using a PDF file over a Word file is its accessibility. PDF files not only let you add pictures but can also help in editing documents.

PDFSimpli is one trusted application that is used worldwide for its security and premium services. It helps you edit PDF online files and convert the various file formats like JPG, PNG, and Word to PDF. It does the job of an editor really well.


Although both Word and PDF formats are available on the internet, it is best advised to use these formats as per convenience. A PDF file is highly secure, and there is no provision for data theft. A PDF file is recommended to store the secure document.

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