What Size Removals Van Do I Need?

Man and Van Brixton removal vans are available in a variety of sizes, depending on their intended usage. To get the best removal services, you must first determine what size removal van you require.

How big a Van do you need to move?

Vans of various sizes are available to assist you with your shifting:

Medium Wheels Base (MWB) Van

MWB vans provide transportation to a furnished studio or one bedroom apartment, for one or two persons. Depending on the size of boxes, it may fit 30-40 cells.

Long Wheels Base (LWB) Transit Van and Sprinter Van

An LWB van has an average loading capacity of 11-15 cubic metres. Consider whether your assets would fit in a single garage while deciding if this is the van for you.

Luton Van

A Luton van with 45 boxes can transport a two-bedroom flat or a small house, a chair and table (as long as they stack), two double beds, large sofas, and wardrobes.

Tonne Luton Van

This vehicle is similar to the 3.5 Tonne Luton Van, except it is larger. In a 3 bedroom home, 40-50 boxes, up to 4 beds, 3 sofas, 2 dining chairs and tables, 3 to 4 wardrobes, and most kitchen equipment can be accommodated.

The following are some sizes to consider when hiring a removal company.

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How do you pack for a removal van?

Here are some do-it-yourself packing recommendations to help you prepare for a removal van:

Heavy and Large items first – The first rule of packing a moving van is to start with the heavy and large things. Also, make sure they’re correctly tied since if they’re not, they’ll smash other fragile stuff. As a result, make sure to pack and tie these heavy things first, such as the washing machine, dishwasher, large furniture, refrigerator, freezer, and so on.

Padding – Paddings are quite useful in preserving fragile things, such as glass and wood, that you are moving. Bubble wrap, thick padding, and other protective materials can be used to protect these objects from damage.

Heavy and light boxes – Boxes, heavy on the bottom and lighter on top, bags, and parcels should all be stored on the remaining floor space. These boxes have the ability to move and crush other items, hence they should be placed on the ground. Place them under the table to keep them safe and secure.

Disassembling furniture – Loading full furniture into a vehicle might be a nuisance, it’s best to disassemble it first and then place it in the van accordingly. This allows you to make the most of your space while also reducing the risk of breakage and mess. And you’ll be able to make proper use of all available space and arrange your furniture correctly. For more guidance, select the best man and van available.

Lighter boxes – Next, place the lighter boxes on top of the heavier ones to prevent damage to other items if it moves and falls on something here filmygod

Fragile items – The most crucial thing to focus on when packing fragile objects is that they are the most vulnerable to breaking. Pack them carefully with appropriate padding and place them in the van accordingly. Place these fragile objects in a carton beneath your seat or somewhere safe, or have someone carry them for you. You will be able to protect these objects this way. Choose the best Man and Van services in Brixton with suprememanvan.

Final items – Shoes, clothing, curtains, carpets, and other personal goods should be the only items left at this point if you packed properly. Ideally, you should be able to stuff these items into bags, crates, or any other empty spaces in the van. If not, you may need to use the boot or even the back seats of your automobile.

With A Man and Van Brixton, you may get a professional removal service at any time. Our suprememanvan are trained, talented, and well-equipped to complete any removal task with precision and efficiency.

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