Why Contact a Workers Compensation Lawyer Following a Construction Site Accident?  

Construction, alongside manufacturing, are the most dangerous workplaces on the planet.  Accidents are more frequent, and in many cases, far more serious than other industries.  This is partially due to extensive use of heavy machinery and dangerous materials that are commonly used.

All construction companies are required by law to provide Workers Compensation insurance, which provides benefits to workers who are injured on the job.

However the process can be lengthly and in order to maximize a claim a seasoned workers compensation lawyer is necessary to file the claim, document the case and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf in order to receive the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Common types of Construction Accidents

There are many different types of incident that happen during construction. With a wide variety of injuries that can be sustained.

Slip and Falls
Even the most seasoned worker can easily slip, trip or fall on a busy construction site. This can as easily be due to lack of signage, bad lighting, or a spill not being cleaned up in a timely manner.

Electrical Accidents
While construction is in progress, there may be a lot of exposed cabling which, in turn can cause accidents such as electrical burns, shocks and fires.

Heavy machinery
Heavy equipment can cause extremely serious injuries to bystanders when maintained or improperly operated.

Falls from a height
Improper scaffolding, lack of safety equipment and training are common causes of falls during construction.

Fires and explosions are a rare, but deadly hazard on construction sites and can lead to burns, concussion, broken bones or death.

Chemical and Asbestos exposure.
Hazardous chemicals are often used in pesticides, paint and industrial cleaners. When exposed to these materials the results can be devastating.

Crushing Accidents
Accidents caused by crushing are known as caught-between accidents. They can be caused for example by falling interior walls, improper braces during excavation or improperly dropped loads. They can cause some of the most serious of injures, from loss of limbs to permanent disability.

Construction worker Safety

There are safety guidelines on every building site, and in recent years the accident rate has reduced substantially thanks to many laws and regulations. However, there is still many accidents that can happen as a result of negligence and lack of oversight by site operators.

In these cases, construction workers should be vigilant about their surroundings in order not to become another statistic and enjoy a long career in the industry.

If you are involved in an accident on a construction site, that was not your fault, you can file a workers compensation claim in order to claim for pain & suffering, medical expenses and loss of earnings.

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How does a Workers Compensation Lawyer benefit an injured worker?

  • They will collect the evidence surrounding the accident and interview witnesses.
  • They will ensure all medical issues as a result of the accident are attended to.
  • The will file all relevant documentation to the insurance company on behalf of the worker.
  • They will negotiate the best possible settlement with the insurer.
  • In many cases, they will work on a contingency basis. So you will not have any legal fees to pay unless they win the case for you.

In order to maximize your benefits you should hire an attorney order to file a workers compensation claim on your behalf as soon as possible after your injury. Personal injury cases are time sensitive.

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